Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Democrats Never Get the Irony.

Greg Gutfeld is always very funny and typically insightful, but he missed on this one. Apparently Democrats WILL use children as props to protest their right to kill them.

Behold the little darlings holding protest signs defending
their mother's right to kill them.
Ponder, for a moment, the raging insanity of having your child hold up a sign protesting a bill that would limit abortion past 20 weeks. This child is PROTESTING against setting limits on his mommy's right to KILL him indiscriminately. These women are showing their moral courage and outrage at the idea that requiring them to figure out whether they want a child or not within the first FIVE MONTHS of pregnancy is anti-women.

It's anti-stupid, that's for sure.

You've got to be an utter moron to not have made up your mind about whether you want the child or not before 20 weeks have passed. There are guideposts, kittens. Markers, if you will.

First Marker: You decide to have sex. If you REALLY don't want children, don't have sex. As my brother, the scientist, likes to say, "No exposure. No risk."

Second Marker: You decide to have unprotected sex. If you REALLY don't want children, and being celibate isn't your thing, then at least use proper birth control. Remember that? That was supposed to make abortions rare. 56 million dead babies rare.

Third Marker: You realize you've missed your period and, knowing you had sex, figure you'd better discover whether you're pregnant or not. You then make the decision as to whether you want the "unexpected" pregnancy. Remember, kittens, this bill does not in any way restrict abortions in the first trimester. If you're going to do it, get after it. Waiting won't make things better, honey.

Fourth Marker: The marker of STUPIDITY. There does seem to be a lot of stupid to go around here, kittens. Apparently there are vast numbers of women who need to be protected against the tyranny of others who feel they should be just a trifle smarter and make this decision a tad sooner, before the "clump of cells" is indisputably a baby - a baby that can feel pain.


The best thing about being a liberal Democrat is that you can vociferously protest for your right to be stupid selfish, stupid indecisive, stupid irresponsible, stupid immature, stupid promiscuous, and stupid stupid. And do it feeling supremely smart. Go figure.

The next best thing about being a liberal Democrat is that you can protest for whatever you want according to your momentary impulse. Everything is "for the children", unless it's for women who want to kill the children, then it's anti-woman if you're still for the children. Get it?

But these are also the main reasons I'm not a liberal Democrat. The stupidity is exhausting, and I simply find it impossible to stay up to date on what I am for and what I'm against and why. It's all too tiring.

And it's getting really weird.


  1. With all the abortions up to this point, you'd think the gene pool was diluted enough to stop the madness.

    Apparently, the irony of demanding abortions is lost on those that were obviously allowed beyond the arbitrary number of weeks allowed by law.

    Maybe if we allowed them the option of a really late term abortion, such as tomorrow, since their mothers didn't react in time, this problem could disappear in a short period of time.

  2. It'd be exhausting if you tried to think about and make sense of and fit it all into some kind of coherent philosophy. It's more like a flock of starlings, you only have to follow the movements of those around you and it looks choreographed without requiring any actual individual thought.

  3. RG, you're right, it would be exhausting trying to figure out the twists and turns in the dark maze of liberal thinking. Besides, it makes my head hurt.

    It dawned on me one day that the reason you can't make sense of their 'thinking' is because there is no thinking - it's ALL about feelings.

  4. the liberal mind is a rubiks cube where all the sides are the same color. No matter how they twist it, it's right!

    In realworldland, things are not that simple. But don't bother liberals with the real world, they're too busy telling the rest of us how wrong we are.

    There is only one cure for this kind of cancer, and that is to excise it all. Sooner we figure that out and do it, the more of the patient can be saved.

  5. How about post-natal abortion? Maybe a 5-week trial period. If the kid gets on your nerves, you can still off him legally. After all, it's all about me. /sarc off

    1. 5 weeks? I dunno, that's pretty restrictive. Maybe until they're off breastfeeding and onto solid foods. They aren't truly separated from the mother's body until then. /sarc

      At least I hope that's sarcasm, it's so hard to tell anymore.

    2. Nah, just get Naptime.


    3. RG, GAAAAAH! Somehow your comment above about 5 weeks found its way into spam.

      I never check it because, well...it's spam. But did this morning and found your comment. SORRY!

    4. Og, that video of Naptime was freaking hilarious! I didn't comment because I picked it up and watched it on my iPad and I hate trying to comment from that. Then I forget.

      But that video got saved under FAVORITES.

      If I had had Naptime when my kids were small I wouldn't have had to put the middle one down the garbage disposal.