Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ladies, get your whistles. And your track shoes.

Presented without comment.

Okay...I have one. WOW!

Annie, drop your gun...and RUN!

If anyone had any doubts that the Obama regime has any intention of letting us keep our guns...and the right to use them...this should clear things up.

Get your whistles and start running. It is now considered your DUTY to be a coward in the face of violence.


  1. Innocents have died because of stand your ground laws? That doesn't even make any sense, if you're standing your ground it's against an attacker not an innocent. But then you know that don't you Eric? You vile, loathsome piece of filth. So, how many innocent Mexicans did you murder today Eric? Oh, sorry, you don't kill them yourself, you just arrange for them to be murdered in hope of gaining some tawdry political advantage.

    1. These men are dangerous and determined. We'd better be at least as dangerous and determined in response or we will see the end of this country as a free nation.

  2. Eric, "your people" have a duty not to be thugs and criminals. If they live up to their duty, then you wouldn't have to even think about some mythical "duty to retreat". You dumbass, I have a duty to remove as many of these threats to civilized society as possible, especially if they are a direct threat to me, personally. I have NO duty to retreat. And, if "your people" don't like it, then they can go strait to Hell. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Piss on you, you commie maggot!