Saturday, July 27, 2013

If you haven't read this over at Ace of Spades HQ, you should.

The GOP Isn't Going To Be Able To Force A Defunding Of ObamaCare

Actually, that headline should be a trifle longer.

The GOP Isn't Going To Be Able To Force A Defunding Of Obamacare, AND THEY WOULDN'T IF THEY COULD

Read it and weep. Although, I don't imagine any of his analysis is particularly SURPRISING to those paying attention. It is, however, chillingly predictive of just exactly what is going to happen.

ObamaCare in all its freedom and economy destroying glory is a done deal. The reality is that was the case back in November when Mitt "ELECTABILITY" Romney got his ass kicked by a President sitting on one of the worst economies in history.

There's simply nothing the GOP can do about it now. And if you think they are going to win in 2016 by promising to repeal one of the largest entitlement programs in history, you're crazy. And if you think they'd actually do it if they win, you're even crazier.

Nope, from now on the GOP mantra, led by the Chris Christies (who I predict with be the GOP nominee in 2016) of the world will be "fix" ObamaCare. You know like how we've spent decades "fixing" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The GOP isn't the party of smaller government and more freedom it's the party of big government just run a little differently.

The only people who will still be talking about repeal will be scammers who want money to sign "An urgent petition to tell Washington blah, blah, blah".
No one in Washington wants the problems fixed. Then how would they keep us all in such an agitated stated that we pour money into their re-election coffers for fear the "other guy" will win?

I haven't been in the "LET IT BURN" camp, but now I'm pitching my tent and setting out my folding chair. To hell with all of them. 

Pretty soon people are going to be getting better healthcare from their veterinarians.  Bark like a dog.


  1. Yeah, I think we're probably screwed on OCare. I don't see it being stopped, except maybe if the economy collapses. The statist class is simply too determined that they're somehow going to be come out smelling like roses no matter what and screw everybody else.

    1. The statists have won. It's that simple. Most folks aren't willing to make the sacrifice necessary for the needed change.

  2. I always knew it was a colossal waste of time to attempt to repeal it. The way it was passed had nothing to do with responsible government - it was outright fraud and corruption. After that, the high water mark had been set. No one was going to turn things back.

    Besides, politicians love a situation where 1/2 the people are pissed off crazy and the other 1/2 are willing to go to the mat to protect it. Makes for lovely, lovely, LOVELY fund raising. And, in the end, it's all about their continued power, isnt' it?