Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Crushing Pain of Learning the Truth

I just realized with great consternation that, although I had early on disabled the page count for my own page views on my blog, somehow it had been turned back on. Therefore, as you have already surmised, my sudden, meteoric rise in popularity was simply a measurement of how well I think of myself.

Just swell.

I'm going to go ride my horse. Hopefully I will stay in the saddle, but if I don't, I'm in no mood to try this hard.

Sometimes losing gracefully is the better option.


  1. At my current weight no horse would ever forgive me if I tried that.

    However, I always figured that you clutch the horse around the neck simply to make sure that your feet hit the ground first.

    1. HAHAHA! You clutch the horse around the neck totally out of reflex because you just don't want to feel IMPACT!

      But in the show ring, you're disqualified as soon as a part of your body touches the ground. IF he had managed to pull himself back up into the saddle, he could have continued. As it was, he had to withdraw.

      He gave it a game try. Worthy of a giggle.

    2. I showed this clip to my elder daughter who wanted to know why he was working so hard to climb back, and I told her that.

      I loved the horse's expression, a sort of resigned "stupid human" sigh.

    3. Yes, horses, bless their huge hearts, have much to put up with from humans.