Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Bite to Eat

The 2013 Best Food Blog Awards have been named!

I knew you were waiting breathlessly....and starving!

And the winner iiiiiiissss:

(drum roll, please...)



Not a single one of the blogs that won is on my reading list, so now I have a bunch of new blogs to read and sort through. Oh, joy! I've long since narrowed down my political blogs to a few top favorites, but top food and decorating blogs do seem to change frequently. There's always new talent out there.

Here's my question. Why is it that all the pictures of food on these blogs look as if someone has erected a complicated block and tackle hoist in their kitchen so that they can take the picture from the ceiling? How do they do that??? 

From Not Without Salt

I've tried standing on a chair. I feel completely ridiculous and the pictures look exactly like I'm standing on a chair.  

My food pictures always look like crap and so there's no point in my using them and then trying to make you believe the food will taste better than it looks.


  1. I don't think they're shot from that high up. The food may be on the floor or a low table too. Maybe you need <a href=">one of these</a>.

    1. Blast. Forgot the close quote.

    2. HAHAHA! NO! No, I don't. As I don't really intend to get any good at it anyway.

      But I'm terribly relieved that people aren't swinging from the ceilings in some crazy SAW movie harness just to photograph pie.

  2. RG is right - it's the delta that counts, and you can achieve it in two ways - either hanging up high from the ceiling harness over 3'-0"aff counter or placing your plates on the low stool and just standing next to it...

    Thanks, Buttercup, for that link - so many new blogs, and I don't know anybody!
    Do you read Smitten Kitchen? She is my all time favorite

    1. Yes, Smitten Kitchen is in my blogroll and I've been a reader for sometime. One of my favorites is Kitchen Vignettes by Aubergine. She does the most beautiful videos of harvesting and making food.