Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leo Terrell is an attorney.

He reminds us of that fact repeatedly because apparently it gives him carte blanche to comment on anything in the political arena, while, in sharp contrast, being...say...a pediatric neurosurgeon like Dr. Ben Carson means -- SHUT UP!

Leo is the wordsmith who put his hands over his ears in a attempt to win the argument during a recent appearance on Hannity. Apparently such behavior makes for good TV because he was back on Hannity last night.

But there is something besides the illuminating lunacy of the left going on here. Notice how quiet Mr. Innis quietly defends his quiet position throughout the theatrics. And comes off as losing.

No way, you say!


When one side is quietly acting like an adult, while the other side is having a temper tantrum, the temper tantrum always wins. Why? How can this be? Because the LoFo voters just hear passion...and feeling...and urgency...and they can just tell he cares.

And caring delivers the slam dunk, dance in the end zone, take it to the bank win, kittens. Every. Time.

Reasoning is...so...reasonable.


We have turned the news into theater and carnivals with pretty girls and men with perfect hair and great ties, and we wonder why it's all become so theatrical and dizzyingly insane.

The news used to be intentionally boring because they were informing you - which used to be their job. Now they are entertaining you - different job.

When news is entertainment, the side with the greatest entertainment value wins.

We'd better start having some temper tantrums. And soon.


  1. That's why I like Levin rather than Hannity. You can't win an argument with a schmuck like Terrell. Levin doesn't let some jackass run the show, they kick and he kicks back harder.

    1. Honestly, I can't watch either one. Hannity has no control whatsoever of his guests and everyone just yells at everyone, and Levin just yells. Period.

      I love Levin's books and have read most of them, but I don't like to listen to him. He is VERY VERY intelligent, but kind of an asshole.

      Although I suppose I am contradicting myself now. I think that was the point I was just trying to make. That we need more assholes on our side or we will lose the political battle.

      Shutting up now.......

    2. I usually listen to him on the drive home. Some days I can't deal with any more outrage and have to switch to Radio Classics to relax. That's about an hour a day, don't know if I could do the whole show. A little goes a long way.

      I wish somebody could hook him up with Whittle for the occasional fill-in show. Based on TSL I think he could probably handle it and he can really hit that sweet spot between angry, stern and reasoned, friendly.