Thursday, April 25, 2013

Working in the media is the only place where stupid earns you 5 figures.

From Small Dead Animals.

Yeah...just like a bomb went off. 

The best thing about liberal stupidity is that they NEVER catch themselves. When Nancy Pelosi said the 1st Amendment was about guns, she didn't correct herself. Oh no. When President Peace Prize pronounced corpsman wrong THREE TIMES in the same speech, he never blinked. Nerves of steel.  When Joe Biden told us he had a three letter for the problem with the economy, jobs - and then spelled it out - J. O. B. S. - and then repeated it, he kept a straight face.

They're good.  They're really good.


Okay...I corrected the title. I discovered that I had misspelled WHERE in the freaking title. I always seem to look my best when discussing matters of stupidity in others. I should really learn a lesson from this...but I won't. 

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