Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is so racist I don't even know where to start.

Scientists may have finally discovered evidence of dark matter.

These are multiple images of a few distant galaxies, showing that the cluster is a strong gravitational lens. The relatively weak distortions of the many distant faint blue galaxies all over the image, however, indicates the existence of the dark matter ring. The computationally modeled dark matter ring spans about five million light years and has been digitally superimposed to the image in diffuse blue. Image credit: NASA, ESA, M. J. Jee and H. Ford et al. (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

"...researchers announced the first science results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a $2 billion cosmic-ray particle detector mounted on the exterior of the football-field-size International Space Station. The instrument has observed a striking pattern of antimatter particles called positrons that may turn out to be a product of collisions between dark matter particles.

Though the findings are still uncertain, and the signal could also arise from a more mundane source, the data are, nonetheless, groundbreaking, experts said."

Collisions between dark matter particles? Is that not the most obvious dog whistle raaaaaaacist thing you've ever heard? Note how they ADMIT that the data could arise from a more mundane source, but they seem to PREFER that it be from dark matter. Obviously this is because these scientists are so racist they don't want it to be any other answer. They certainly seem delighted and eager to believe it is the dark matter's fault for all those collisions. What about disenfranchisement? What about lack of opportunity? What about failing school systems? What about the need for more gun control? What about Voter ID laws? What about unfair work requirements for welfare?

Just who are these racists, backwards, troglodytic "scientists" blowing that dog whistle, anyway? I bet they wear WHITE lab coats -- just like the KKK -- when they do their experiments on dark matter.  The hoods might pose a problem, though, when looking through microscopes and other science-y instruments, but I'm pretty sure the hoods were just an accessory item, in the first place. You don't need the full get-up to be a racist. You just need to be white. Or someone who uses the words "urban", or "Chicago." Or anyone who doesn't like our Beloved President. OOOOOOOOOH! RAAAAAACIST!

As Chris Matthews sums up, "A dog whistle is a dog whistle."


Like that --

The perfect circular argument.

There you have it.

And if that brilliant declaration wasn't sufficient to prove the silent but pervasive presence of dog whistles going off constantly all over America, this article is evidence of how insidious the effect of racism actually is in society. It's even infiltrated SCIENCE!.

Dark matter is an invisible substance thought to make up more than 80 percent of the matter in the universe. The elusive stuff is difficult to detect because it very rarely interacts with normal matter, except through its gravitational pull.

One of the leading explanations for dark matter is that it is made up of particles called WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles), which may produce a detectable signature when they collide and annihilate each other. This happens because WIMPs are thought to be their own antimatter partner particles. When matter and antimatter meet, they destroy each other, so if two WIMPs were to make contact, they would obliterate one another.

Holy shit! How much more racist can you possibly get? This is obviously SUPER DEEP CODE for white flight to suburbs and gang murders and black-on-black violence in inner cities. Calling them WIMPs is a bit cheeky, but if the scientists live in Denver, they needn't worry about any backlash.

Oh why oh why can't we just get past all this painful labeling and destructive racism? Why? 

It's just not possible. Because of this from Traction Control.

Racist pixel

Deep Space One. And so it has always been. And so it will always be.



  1. Dark matter... dark continent. It's all so obvious now, I can't imagine why I didn't see it sooner.

    1. See? When you start noticing...there's racism EVERYWHERE. From Africa to deep space.

      There's no getting away from it. And we all have Chris Matthews to thank for our becoming aware of just how deeply, inexcusably racist we all are.

      I won't point out the irony of a guy as white as Matthews being appointed as the code breaker for racist dog whistling.

    2. Well, this has certainly been an interesting perspective on the world.
      Now then, how do I turn it off again?
      Ummm, getting a little worried here!
      {wham!} {wham!} {wham!}
      Whew! That was close, almost got stuck like that.