Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jeremy Irons eats Nanny Bloomberg for lunch. And also something he finds in his teeth.

Chew on that, stupid liberals.

One of the points Mr. Irons so eloquently makes as he thoughtfully ruminates on whatever he retrieved from his back molars, is that liberalism insults your intelligence. It is a philosophy based on the belief that most people just aren't that smart and need to be taken care of. With force, if necessary. Oh...and force is always necessary. Just ask any liberal. When was the last time a liberal looked for a solution to ANYTHING from anywhere other than the government -- nicely accompanied by the use of force? A law, a regulation, a ban, a tax...a jail sentence? As Mr. Irons points out, the government COULD just try to convince us, you know, like the evil corporate giants apparently do every day. So much power do corporations wield over our puny minds that we need a law or a regulation or a ban or a tax or a jail sentence to make us stop doing whatever they deliberately and easily program us to do. Why not use these supposedly highly successful marketing techniques that create, direct and virtually guarantee all kinds of behaviors, from buying a certain brand of soap to, well, perhaps using dental floss regularly? Okay...obviously they need better commercials for that last one...but oh well...

We could have some really interesting TV commercials, billboards, viral YouTube videos. Think of it. The government could rediscover its early and highly successful marketing techniques.

Remember? They used to be really good at it. Actually, they still are.

And while we're at it...public schooling must have sucked back then, too. What's with the little darling's countdown?


Oh...someone just hit the button, will you?


  1. ""

    An obvious violation of countdown proficiency regulations. She's lucky she got vaporized or the fines would have ruined her. It's probably not her fault though, her school district will have to raise taxes so they can hire another few thousand administrators to prevent this sort of thing.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Exactly. We need another dozen or so paper pushers to make sure that my money's pissed away with nothing to show for it. I mean, if the government actually started DOING something useful with our money, then they would have to maintain that standard...and who knows WHAT would happen. State and federal employees all over the country would start suffering from burnout and stress.

      Poor darlings.