Sunday, April 21, 2013

Without the 2nd Amendment, this joke doesn't make any sense.

And I'm not one to lightly give up a good joke.

Besides, of all the rights I've won as an American and a woman, the right to defend myself against someone who is almost certainly going to be bigger and stronger is the one right I refuse to give up.

I'll pay for my own birth control, thank you. And my own bullets.


  1. Why, Buttercup, you girlie-girls are too stupid, emotional and hysterical to be allowed to have guns to defend yourselves. You can't be trusted to judge when you are being raped or assaulted. So, instead of being allowed to carry a firearm, why here's a whistle, and if you can't make it to a call box, you just pee on yourselves or shit your pants, or vomit or ... It has to be true, a Democrat said it. It's for your own good. It's for the greater good. And, it's probably for the chillrun. Besides, by the time the police get there, you'll probably be dead anyway. Another Democrat said that.

    1. Ogrrre, bless your heart. You nailed it on every single stupid insulting infuriating demeaning and patronizing thing the Dems have said on this issue over the last few months. BAM! SLAM!

      But the Republicans are the ones waging the War on Women. Why, they even believe there is a difference between violent rage and "date" rape. Go figure.

  2. What are the definitions of 1st degree rape, 2nd degree rape and 3rd degree rape, I wonder.
    First degree is like 1st base, second degree rape is...

    Is the sequel to 50 shades of grey, 50 shades of 'willingness'?

    1. HEY! YOU! Where ya been? I've been missing your pithy and pointed wisdom.

      And I didn't know rape came in more than 2. As Whoopie put it, there rape and then there's rape rape.

      Either one, you don't need a gun. Just blow a whistle, pee on yourself or puke.