Sunday, April 21, 2013

Being right even when you're wrong.

Michael Moore is always right....errr...I mean, correct.

When the Boston bombing was so recent that people were still screaming and bleeding, the erudite Mr. Moore took to Twitter and managed to use his pudgy fingers to hammer out tweets about the OBVIOUSNESS of the blasts occurring on Tax Day and what that OBVIOUSLY meant. Duh.


For my money, 2 + 2 = a five letter word.

When it became OBVIOUS that the attack had been carried out by Muslims (but only because they were losers), the ever insightful, prescient and OBVIOUSLY wickedly funny Mr. Moore tweeted out how right correct he had been all along.


What may not be so OBVIOUS is that the incredible Mr. Moore can't even be original with his sarcasm. This joke was done beautifully by Cliff Clavin ages ago.


  1. Also, Mikey, the bombings were not carried out by TEA Partiers or NRA members or Christians or Sarah Palin or George Bush. The bombings were carried out by Muslim Hirabis, though. Did you guess that correctly?

    1. Michael Moore should be the biggest supporter of capitalism the world has ever seen. Only in a free market filled with idiots could he have made millions.

      Holy shit he is a moron.