Sunday, April 21, 2013

We are being taught to be cowards.

You've probably all heard the story about the 4th grade student who was made to write this:

It is not a stretch of the imagination to suppose that the little kid who was made to write this in class had no real idea what rights he was apparently willing to give up, or what their loss would mean to him or others.

What even a child of 9 or so could understand from this is that the appropriate response to a dangerous world is to be a coward.

If we don't fix things soon, our children will have been so conditioned to be cowards and to accept slavery that there will be no one to fight on against the left.

We are, as Reagan once, one generation away. We are that generation.


  1. Okay kid, actually I'll just address the teacher and lawyers whose diseased minds this came from. Studies indicate that religious people are happier and healthier. So from now on you will required to regularly attend church services. Additionally 10% of your paycheck will be automatically deducted to support this religious institution. Oh, and don't worry about choosing a faith. The state will determine which one will best serve these interests and assign you to it.

    Naturally you are forbidden to speak or write anything derogating this plan. Your person, place of business, and residence will be subject to monitoring and surprise inspections to ensure your compliance with these simple requirements for the public good. Fomenting public dissatisfaction would be contrary to the security of the people.

    1. Things are happening fast now. The left is on the march and no longer feels it necessary to even pretend that it loves this country. It LOATHES the freedoms of America and is openly attacking them.

      Where is John Galt?

      I'm ready to pack it in.

    2. Screw Galt. Where's Gen. Abrams? "They've got us surrounded again, the poor bastards."

  2. The left has had quite a bit of time to work on America, and I mean the hard left as in Communism under a different name.

    I don't know whther you guys have seen this excellent doco movie "AGENDA: Grinding America Down" but you can see it here free: It's about an hour and a half long but if you've the time it's well worth the watching.

  3. Morris, thank you! I just spent the evening watching that film. Much of it I already knew, but seeing it all laid out was chilling.

    We don't have much time.