Monday, April 1, 2013

With Easter over, contemplating the idea of immortality and sin.

I know many religions teach that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that He shed His blood to pay our debt. Heretical as this may be, I don't believe this is accurate. I believe Jesus died because we were too stupid to figure out what He was trying to teach us. One might say His choice of death was a bit theatrical, but for the times it was pretty normal. You have to admit being officially sentenced by a Roman governor and then executed would insure that the event would be recorded for history. Thousands of years later no one can question whether it happened or not. We've got Pontius Pilate and the Romans and the whole cast of characters involved and on record, so it happened...even though there were no pictures possible at the time. What good would it have done if Jesus had died and been resurrected just for His loyal followers? Who would have cared in 30 years...50? No one. He would have been forgotten. An official death was necessary to make His point...for all time.

Because we are just that stupid. We needed something over-the-top, miraculous, memorable to penetrate our thick skulls. Unfortunately for the Son of God, it was not a fun way to teach a very important lesson. It kinda sucked, actually. That's where His love for us came in. I would have said, "Are you joking? I have to do what for these retards? I've been showing them the truth for THREE YEARS...fishes and loaves, calming the waters, healings, Lazarus...and they just don't get it. Now I'm expected to do what???"

But that's why Jesus was the real deal. And I'm not.

Here is an interesting video of a orthopedic surgeon getting a glimpse of what Jesus was trying to tell us. We really should start paying attention. We're not getting any younger.

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