Monday, September 2, 2013

I was right about one thing.

Granted, it didn't take any real psychic ability to predict, but Prince Dumbass DID, in fact, go golfing right after announcing that Syria was really going to get it...eventually.


When questioned on this apparent lack of seriousness in our Most Beloved Leader, Kerry managed to suggest that Obama's golf game and delays were really examples of muscle-flexing, cowboy swagger in the greatest of American traditions because it showed "the full-throated response of the Congress of the United States and the President acting together after our democratic process has worked properly." Yeah...riiiiiight...okay...And he did have that

My take is that Obama's behavior shows an utter lack of concern over starting WWIII without a single other country supporting us, and a rather important number telling us to not start anything, because he honestly doesn't care. His agenda has never been to support America. Prince Dumbass is only going to Congress so that this crisis becomes a "heads, I win, tails, you lose" situation where if Congress votes no, he goes in anyway because, you know...HUMANITARIAN!!! And if they vote yes, he has faced them down and proved to everyone they are his official prison bitches.

Either way, he wins. And we lose. And that's been his game from the beginning.


The ONLY way Prince Dumbass loses is if Congress finds a single pair of balls between the lot of them and impeaches him if he does go in without approval. However, initiating impeachment proceedings might prove a trifle difficult in the middle of World War III.

Just sayin'.


  1. Um, it could have been a demonstration of our democratic system at work. He kind of blew that when he said he could go in anyway without advance approval and then somebody at State said it's a done deal we're going in even if Congress says no.

    The whole thing's so bizarre. I'm not sure if he'll go ahead or not if Congress votes no. I get the feeling he lost his nerve at the last minute and decided he really needed somebody else he could blame for whatever he did if things went badly. Or maybe it's all internal politics and a key advisor lost their nerve or seized an opportunity to knock the pegs out from under another advisor. I don't see him as hard for them to manipulate. Toying with WWIII for political advantage.

  2. The real danger to world is not a strong leader - it's the weak one who pretends to be strong...