Sunday, October 4, 2015

Have We Lost Our Ever-Lovin' MINDS????

Okay, kittens, I take a LITTLE break from slapping the stupid out of people, and the conservative movement in this country seems to have jumped onboard the Trump Train like we're in India or some place.

What are you thinking???

This is stupid on so many levels I find it difficult to know where to start; should I slap you all silly, or just throw a throat punch?



Honest to GOD, kittens, this is so beyond ridiculous that it is hard to fathom.

This is a man who first and foremost, because I am nothing if not shallow, looks ridiculous. As far as I am concerned, if you are worth BILLIONS and you can't find someone to hire that can do a better job on your hair than that - I do. not. want. you. running. this. country. PERIOD!

Second, this is a man who has made those billions by being snuggly with politicians, using tax laws and bankruptcy laws to scam the system. He is everything we are supposed to hate about the corporate/government fascism that is destroying the free market in this country.

Third, if Trump has ANY political record as far as his philosophical leanings, it is as a Democrat. He supported Hillary in '08 and even gave money to her campaign. He pushes that aside now as if it means nothing, saying that he is a businessman and it was his job to be friendly with politicians. So how come he wasn't friendly with Romney or Bush or ANYONE on our side? Hmmmmm???? Because he's a fucking megalomaniac who apparently has tired of simply buying politicians and now wants to BE one.

Are you kidding me??

Then there is the bald-faced fact that Trump is both arrogant AND ignorant. Haven't we had enough of that with President Peevish? Trump knows next to nothing about foreign policy, and so let's elect him now, as the world is heading straight into the jaws of Hell. Great idea. Just swell.

I understand that the conservative electorate in this country is mad as hell and is tired of being lied to by politicians. So being lied to by a businessman is BETTER? Really? How?

I despair. We are supposed to be the grownups in the room. Let the Democrats support candidates purely because they tap into their angst and desires, caring not a whit as to whether they will be any good at the job. That's what Democrats DOOOO. They elect Prom Kings and poseurs who tell them nice things about themselves and scare them silly about mean, nasty, greedy Republicans. We are not supposed to do that! We are supposed to be the ones who look critically at a man's history, background, character, and experience. We are the JUDGMENTAL ones, goddamn it! And now, when it is so important to be judgmental, we seem to have lost the capacity to judge at all and are acting like adolescents having a temper tantrum.

I give up.

I have a headache.

If The Donald continues leading in the polls, this will be my new bumper sticker. I. swear. to. God.


  1. Trump probably would have been a flash in the pan if the establishmentarians hadn't utterly botched their response to him. Their post 2012 battle plan of courting hispanics and ignoring the whole illegal thing didn't survive the muster and they freaked out. Normally you'd co-opt the other guy's message but they couldn't do that because Jeb was the chosen one. Instead, when faced with an insurgency fueled by people feeling like they've been pissed on, they responded by pissing on them harder. That was a foolish response. Kevin Williamson was so puerile, I doubt I'll ever be able to take him seriously on anything again.

    I don't think Trump will get the nomination but then again I didn't think Obama would win in 2012, so who knows.

  2. The Dems' base has similar issues. Witness the Sanders surge. Witcover and Germond wrote "Mad as Hell" about the 1992 election and things haven't changed that much. The electorate is just flat pissed off. The Donald is so outrageous on so many levels he is appealing as an in-your-face insult to the whole establishment. I'm still waiting for the Balkanization of this country. Maybe this is the first step. I agree with RG: It's so bizarre now, Who knows?

  3. Yes, to both of you. The in-your-face dickness of Trump is exactly what is appealing to people and that is exactly what is so horrifying! I always thought the left were the ones who responded emotionally and with anger, always being pissed off about something and always being activists and always fighting. When you're always pissed and ready for a fight, you don't elect seasoned and principled leaders, you elect thugs that will lead the charge. Well, now we're acting as badly as the left, rallying around a man purely for his personality and we're not even rallying around someone with a great personality - we're rallying around someone who is a complete dickhead. A big, yellow dickhead. GOD! If I run across one more Trump supporter, I SWEAR, I will lose it and slap them. What is going on in this country that we are now is a win-lose struggle where it is like a cage fight and we only want the guy who is the meanest to get elected. And that goes for Hillary. She's the meanest guy (and I do mean guy) of them all. Sanders is an anomaly, in that he appears like a sweet little old uncle, but he strikes me as the uncle who wanted to do bad things with his little nieces and nephews. He has serious creep factor going. No surprise to me that he wrote his little essay in 1972 about sexual fantasies and rape and gender roles. Too. freaking. weird. for. me. But his appeal is that he is an open, unapologetic socialist and is handing out REAL candy to the adults.

    1. It doesn't look like we're going to be returning to sanity any time soon. Hillary is a case in point. She's running the Clinton playbook. Lie, obfuscate, drag things out, and finally say it's old news. In any healthy society she'd already be up on charges, not running for office. She still polls well.

    2. I know!! It's literally insane. We have, as a society, lost our minds!!! Hillary is and has been a proven liar for decades. She lied during Watergate and was fired. She lied about her husband's MULTIPLE infidelities, she lied about Benghazi, she lied about her email server...and STILL people like her. What is so depressing is that even IF the Republicans manage to win the election (which I think is doubtful), any Republican president will have all those idiots who support Hillary to deal with. We've a point in this country's history where there is just no getting along with the other side. And now I'm afraid I don't even get along with MY side. What the hell? TRUMP????? What. The. FUCK?

    3. The GOP has spent years and years saying basically "screw principles, winning is the important thing you crazy trucon purists." They should have expected that would bite them in the ass eventually.

      Yeah, I'm doubtful that any Republican can do much to stop this crazy train. I'd rather have Cruz or maybe Jindal or Carson but the odds are they'll be out of the race and the nominee will already be decided before we even have our primary here. So there's no point in my getting all worked up about it one way or the other.

  4. Basically, everyone's acting like Pavlov's dog.

    Emotionalism is the enemy's greatest tools.

    Good to *see* you, Buttercup.

  5. Hi Morris! I am so delighted and grateful that all of you still keep me on your reading list!!! I don't deserve it - I've been a shitty friend.

    And you are exactly right that emotionalism is the tool of tyrants. That's why I sm so disgusted to see the conservatives in this country Hi Morris! I am so delighted and grateful that all of you still keep me on your reading list!!! I don't deserve it - I've been a shitty friend.

    And you are exactly right that emotionalism is the tool of tyrants. That's why I sm so disgusted to see the conservatives in this country

    1. I am typing this on my ipad and the damn thing is giving me fits. Doesn't want to play. But to finish my rant conservatives are acting like liberals. I give up. We're all going to hell in a hand basket.