Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well, it's certainly making me hesitate.


Our government has recently purchased millions of dollars worth of targets for our police and federal agencies to learn how to shoot average American citizens. "Average" as in "innocent." And the name the company producing these targets has dreamed up as the description of the targets' category is NO MORE HESITATION. Nice. This is chillingly, hideously, outrageously, stomach-wrenchingly awful. This is an idea whose time should NEVER come. This is insane.




Target practice for our "finest."

I guess they have to "practice" shooting at something, what with over a BILLION rounds of live, hollow point bullets having been purchased and now being stored in Social Security offices and DHS locations all across America.

So stop being so damned paranoid! It's our own government learning how to kill us, and stockpiling the ammo to do it, so, of course, we shouldn't be worried. The government LOVES us. Obama has been promising us everything for free for FIVE years now. Obama won a freaking PEACE PRIZE! How can you possibly suspect -- even for a second -- that his administration is preparing for something unimaginable? Something where police would need to be trained to shoot little children, pregnant women, and the elderly? Something like civil war? And might I point out that all these targets are white?

SHUT UP! You hater. Raaaaaaaaacist!!!

OH! Just a little trip down memory lane. It probably has nothing to with this, but remember when the left went bat shit crazy about the Massacre at My Lai? And rightly so, I might add. Looks like our own government is now openly and actively attempting to condition our police and federal agencies to do exactly that to American citizens, should there come a need for it. But now we hear nary a peep out of the left. Because now they are the ones in charge. Nice.

There is simply not a good reason for the actions being taken by our government. Not. A. Single. One.

Except for this:

And this:

And this:

"Protect and Defend" my ass.

When did that motto get replaced with "NO HESITATION"?

If anyone has a good explanation for this, please speak up. I'm all ears.

Things have stopped being funny. If you're still laughing, you're not paying attention.

H/T: DOUBLEPLUSUNDEAD, Reason Magazine, The Last Refuge, Bob Owens, Lemur King's Folly, Mint Press News


  1. From that Reason article: "one officer explaining that he enlarged photos of his own kids to use as targets so that he would not be caught off guard with such a drastically new experience while on duty"

    That is sick. That officer shouldn't be on any police force anywhere. He should probably be in a psych ward somewhere. His wife should take the kids and get far away from him as fast as possible.

    That incident with the two ladies in LA indicates that undue hesitation is hardly the problem.

    1. RG, I had the EXACT SAME REACTION to the police office shooting images of his own children. What a psycho! As I was reading it a burst out to my husband, "HOLY FUCK! That guy should be immediately removed from duty after admitting something like that!"

      And yes, the recent shoot-em-up police chases in LA should give us all pause, as well as the chase in NY a while ago where all the bullets careening around through crowds of innocent people were shot by the police.

      We are so close to an actual flat-out, in-your-face police state that it is way past being funny.

  2. I would love for a company like this one to put out a series of targes with ATF agents and cops as the bad guy, so when TSHTF we civilians will not hesitate to put them down when they come for our guns.
    I'll bet that the cops would not appreciate such targets at all. Then maybe, just maybe, they'll reconsider their enthusiasm for these targets. And, while they are marketing the above targets, a series of targets of New Black Panther Party members interfering with white voters. And, a series of targets of politicians who wish to ban, register, and/or confiscate firearms. I'll wager that there would be a doodoo load of Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and Barak Obama targets sold. And before any lib trolls bitch about it not being funny, or it being illegal to shoot at photos of Il Douche, the BlightBringer, just consider your reaction to the movie in Bush's last year in office, where he was depicted as being assassinated. If it's fine for a movie plot, it is fine for patriots for their target practice, especially those who wish to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    1. Hmmm. Following their supposed logic, cops/agents ought to be training with cop/agent targets. They wouldn't want to hesitate if one of their fellows goes sour and pulls a weapon on them. After all ... Dorner. They should probably be more concerned about each other than about the general public. Don't worry guys, hand your weapons over to us and we'll protect you.

    2. To both you guys...EXCELLENT! Those examples just illustrate how insane and potentially DEADLY this is. And remember Sandy Hook? Hollywood and the entertainment industries howled when it was merely suggested that violent video games MIGHT have something to do with the increase in soulless, mass murders by young people. OH NOES!!

      But deliberately using targets like these to reduce hesitation? I'd say there must be something to it.

      OH! And remember how the left had a collective fit over the targets used by Palin's campaign, accusing her of being responsible for Loughner's shooting spree? PEOPLE WERE DEAD BECAUSE OF THE SYMBOL OF A TARGET! But our own government using children as target practice is..what? No big deal? Nothing to worry about?

      In the Reason Magazine article the official statement from the company who makes these said: This hesitation time may be only seconds but that is not acceptable when officers are losing their lives in these same situations.

      Very politely...Are you fucking kidding me? I thought officers were SUPPOSED to risk their lives to protect and save innocent ones. An eight year old boy, NO MATTER WHAT, should be disarmed and saved. NOT JUST SHOT. The idea is horrifying on its face. Think too deeply about what it means when thousands of police officers are trained to just shoot people and never hesitate or ask questions or attempt to defuse the situation. JUST SHOOT. Holy CRAP!

      If I were a police officer I would be screaming my bloody head off to the press, my local congressman, anyone who would listen. It is frightening as hell.