Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Our government sucks."

We are rapidly reaching a moment in our history where the concerns of the left and the right are intersecting. We may have come from vastly different places and may, indeed, be moving in vastly different directions, but -- for now -- we share a common cause.

The government sucks.

This video, which is long, gives you a fairly good idea of what's been going on. It's not pretty. And if the message in this video is even partially true, we are more screwed than a high school prom queen.

To the left: Glad to see you're finally beginning to realize your Sugar Daddy is not as "sweet" as you thought. Welcome to the party. We Bitter Clingers have been warning for years that you were going to end up where you were headed - fascism, totalitarianism. A police state. But noooooo. You were too busy giggling over all the goodies you thought government was going to provide for you.

Doesn't work that way. It has NEVER worked that way.

Government never gets big and stays good.

Our government is huge.

Our government sucks.


  1. The damndest thing about the whole mess is that those that depend most on the government will suffer the worst.

    Meanwhile, the government will find nobody will relinquish their firearms, so the efforts to control by force will fail miserably.

    1. I hope they will fail miserably. I keep remembering the Russians and how, when the Stalinists met resistance, they promised that if the armed citizens just showed up to register their weapons, they would be hunky dory and the government would leave them alone. Then they shot everyone who showed up.

      I know everyone is insisting that they won't register, but most guns are already registered. It's just a matter of the states sharing that info with the feds. And here in California they have introduced a bill into a super majority Democratic legislature (fat chance it won't be passed) that will require all gun owners to buy liability insurance. They will undoubtedly require that every gun you are insuring is registered.

      We are so screwed.

    2. Oklahoma and Texas, Buttercup. Much lower unemployment than Californicationstan, much lower tax burden, much lower cost of living, much better gun laws and self-defense laws. The only draw back is, it's hotter than hell in the summer.

    3. FromBob Owens:

      Private citizens typically consumed 10 to 12 billion rounds of ammunition per year. But current domestic production (including that used by the military and law enforcement) is about 1 billion rounds per week and it is being purchased so rapidly it is difficult to find any on the shelves. I know individuals that have nearly 1 million rounds of loaded ammunition and/or components in their possession…

      …It is my contention that gun sales above the mean of that during the Bush years represent committed gun owners who didn’t buy the gun just to have it registered and/or taken away a few months or years later. The mean number of NICS checks during the Bush years is a little less than 9 million per year. Hence one may reasonably conclude there have been a minimum of 10 million gun sales made “in preparation for war” during 2012 alone.