Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally a dance for white boys.

Is that racist? Probably. If Affirmative Action could in any way advance the dancing skills of the average white guy, I'd be all for it. But alas, the only way to insure white guys can dance is to create the Harlem Shake, a dance where no one actually dances.

Even NORWEGIANS can do it. we go again. I hate having to constantly go back through old posts to check on whether a video posted on YouTube is still available so that y'all don't see the infamous BLACK SCREEN. But in the interests of sanity, I hereby notify all readers of this blog that I am only going to do it ONCE per post. I'm fed up with having to do it over and over again. If people out there want to "own" shit like the above video as if it MATTERS and HAS VALUE, go right ahead.

Oh. And NOW it's the U.S. Army, the Brits AND the Norwegians shaking it.


  1. Okay; I just lost IQ points watching that. Good Lord, Buttercup! A few more videos like that, and you'll have a bunch of libs at your site, due to all the drain bamage from your videos. For shame!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Keep your friends close...and your enemies even closer! ;-)

      And don't let your friends dance!

    2. Ye gods! Nothing else to add..