Thursday, February 28, 2013

Action matters. Talk is cheap, liberty is not.

Priceless words.

Oh...and these.

"There is no such thing as gun control, only people control."

My thoughts about this troubling push from the Obama administration to increase "reasonable" restrictions on a right that was written as "shall not be infringed", is that the more Obama exerts unprecedented power over the economy through budgetless spending and massive tax increases, the more his need for gun control becomes necessary.

People don't usually cotton to being made impoverished. Things might get a little testy.

The ultimate control over people is control over the economy.

Control the creation and distribution of wealth; control the people.

Control the food; control the people.

Control the use of energy; control the people.

At some point, you'd BETTER control the guns, 'cause people are going to get mighty upset.


  1. As I keep telling you yanks, DON"T let the leftists disarm you, as we here in Australia stupidly allowed our govt to do.

  2. It's tough for people who are more interested in controlling themselves than others to stop people who are the exact opposite.

  3. Morris, we won't.

    RG, you're right. But I do believe that the silent America is rousing itself and about to roar.