Monday, February 25, 2013

People, this is why my head explodes.

I live a dual life. In my "normal" life my husband and I own a company and interact with people on Facebook, Twitter, our website, and a blog that promotes our company to our customers. In this life I am apolitical. In other words, I keep my mouth shut and my fingers OFF the keyboards except to be a good little company rep. I know...I would seem impossible..and it nearly is. The price of my restraint is my head routinely blows right off my shoulders.

Messy. If this keeps up, I'm going to get a housekeeper.

As my alter ego, I have a personal Facebook account in our company's name, as well as a corporate page. On the "personal" page, I have to endure posts day after day that make me WISH the result would be -- instantaneously -- THIS! ^^^^  Please. Dear God. Misery. Sweet release. Oblivion.

One post came through today. This from an outspoken liberal.

I read this and I wanted to laugh through the reflexive, involuntary screaming. This is Liberalism 101. You couldn't wrap liberalism and all its disastrous beliefs up with a prettier ribbon. But the woman who posted it...didn't get it! She thought this described conservatives.

And I couldn't say a thing.

SPLAT! My head. Gone.

WEALTH WITHOUT WORK -- the welfare state
PLEASURE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE -- War on Women for free birth control and unrestricted abortions
KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT CHARACTER -- overeducated intellectuals
BUSINESS WITHOUT ETHICS -- the corruption of big business aligned with big government
SCIENCE WITHOUT HUMANITY -- liberals don't even LIKE humanity, it's only SCIENCE!
RELIGION WITHOUT SACRIFICE -- Deepak Chopra. 'Nuff said.
POLITICS WITHOUT PRINCIPLE -- President Precious Drone-Strike 18-Hole (thanks Rachel, that was brilliant!)

What am I missing? How do liberals point the finger at others for the very things they have endorsed, supported, FOUGHT FOR for decades? How?

I would be drinking right now, but my head has not regenerated like a lizard tail.


  1. Reading that, thinking "nothing seems totally out of line with that list". Then... Oh. Oh! OH! From the other side!

    I would be drinking right now, but my head has not regenerated like a lizard tail.

    Great, now I have this image of a headless body typing away at a computer. Nightmares. Wait, can't drink? NIGHTMARES!

  2. My personal belief is that liberals are mentally incapable of any logic. If they were, they'd jump off the nearest bridge.

  3. I should have put in my favorite gif of a figure typing away at a computer keyboard, gradually getting angrier and angrier until pounding his head to smithereens on the keyboard, but I've already used it.

    As for liberals and logic. I think most do have logic, but their belief in their "goodness" as expressed through the forced compassion of the state overrides logic. They simply don't care. They feeeeeeel that their desire to be gooooood is more important than whether it works or not. And, remember, the US economy has been so dynamic and vibrant that it has absorbed their lunacy for decades, giving them even MORE reason to ignore logic.

    1. Yep, it's all about feeeelings overriding logic.

      Nearly all liberals have good minds - they just never use them. They have no desire to deal with truth if it's inconvenient or harsh in some way. Unfortunately for them reality doesn't give a shit about how we feel.

      So to sum up, they're just emotionally immature and never grew up - which tends to happen when you're insulated from reality from cradle to grave.

  4. My new favorite saying on the internet is 'You cannot have a reasoned discussion with someone to whom math is an opinion".

    Don't sweat it, Buttercup. Do what I do, when i meet mindless liberals. Think of a recipe for them.

    Some young ones would fry up nicely, some middle aged would require some crock-potting for tenderness. And some you just grind up and feed to your dog. That is the inherent value of the liberal.

    1. "I would be drinking right now, but my head has not regenerated like a lizard tail."

      So you're related to Jeebs?

    2. "Do you have any idea how much that stings??"

      HAHAHAHAHA! Og, the hilarious thing is that scene was running through my head when I wrote that line. I was going to link to the YouTube clip, but didn't because I found the gif.


  5. Whoever created that head-bangingly stupid list didn't realize that the guy's name is spelled Gandhi, not Ghandi.

    And yes, I realize that I'm totally picking nits here, but hey... all the leftists I know think of themselves as Smart, Educated, Knowledgeable Intellectuals (as opposed to Those Stupid Moronic Sub-Human Right-Wingers).

    So it's extra-super head-splodey when they try to parade their superiority and can't even spell the name of one of their idols.

    And yet somehow we're the stupid ones.

    1. Maybe it's from mythical movie Ghandi instead of real world Gandhi. Real world Gandhi isn't much of an idol anyway. Being disapproved of by him wouldn't trouble me at all.

    2. Oh good LORD! But it makes perfect sense. Pacifism, taken to its logical conclusion IS suicide.

    3. Anonymous, EXCELLENT proofreading skillz! I am laughing my stupid head off right now. It reminds me of a photo I saw over at IMAO.US ages ago, I mean YEARS, of a group of hippie types who formed the peace sign with their bodies for an aerial photograph, and they did the Mercedes Benz sign instead of the peace sign. Hi-FUCKING-larious!

    4. Oh I bet they would have loved that - NOT! Making the sign for one of the hated capitalist pig companies. Heh.

    5. Yup, Morris. The irony was thick....