Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bloody Brilliant

Joan of Argghh at Primordial Slack has written a post that everyone MUST read. Right now. And read all the links, mostly to Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish, who is also brilliant.

This is where she nails it:
The Muslim dilemma is as old as time itself, and their corporate history is our own spiritual condition writ personal. Much of that condition may be ascribed to generational abuses and cruelties, but so much of it is chosen freely, or mindlessly. However arrived at, it’s easily preferred because it requires so little accountability, so little thought or self-reflection. It’s an on/off switch that reacts to one thing: power.
To the outside observer accustomed to self-direction, the Muslim way of life seems miserable, cruel and oppressive. Inside that Borg-swarm mentality, however, it is an uncomplicated life when it’s not a hungry one. To be a part of the swarm is to move on pure reflex. No need to tax the thought processes, the auto-pilot of the culture is much to be preferred to the exhaustion of thoughtful reflection upon one’s existential dilemma.

I have spent far too many hours contemplating how whole nations could become so absorbed by a belief that they could allow it to take them down into Hell and not pause, just for a minute, and ask, "Hey, this doesn't even FEEL good? What are we doing?"

I believe adamantly that every single thing we do as creatures, mammals, humans is because we belief there is some benefit. No matter how crazy, self-destructive, non-productive or just plain nutty something is, we do it because we believe it has a benefit to us. No one ever does anything that is absolutely believed to be without benefit. Even Jeffrey Dahmer had his reasons.

So when you look at a belief system like Islam which has delivered nothing but misery to its followers for CENTURIES, you have to start wondering, "What is UP with that?"

Joan nails it.

Islam provides the sweet absolution of absolute conformity to the collective. Nothing is your fault because nothing is under your control. Therefore nothing requires any effort; there is no risk. And all rewards imaginable are promised if you just lose yourself to the group. Sweet submission. It is no wonder that Islam does not mean "peace", it means "submission."

So go read it. All of it. 


  1. It could be beaten back. It's been done in the past, so in principle it could be done again. But the west would have to be far harder than we're prepared to be. The kowtowing to delicate Muslim sensibilities would have to end completely. They would have to be punished so harshly, every single time, that they'll start killing their own extremists rather than risk those extremists calling down our wrath.

    Don't see that happening any time soon.

    1. Exactly, RG. We in the West have lost our moral certainty after years of post modern relativity. And we need it to fight the scourge of Islam. Because harsh things need to be done. Victor Davis Hanson (whom I ADORE!) once said, "When civilized men find they will no longer tolerate the horrors of war, they will be conquered by uncivilized men who can."

      That is where we are at. We must find our inner "man."

    2. HAHAHAHA! ...where we are at?? That is such an Idaho habit. Ending a sentence with a completely unnecessary preposition.

    3. This is one of the few areas where I disagree with Whittle. If you're at war with a country you just retaliate (retaliate's not really right, but I'm not sure how to say it). If they bomb your city, you don't do a lot of careful investigation to prove that the explosives came from this city instead of that one. If you can, you bomb the hell out of both. If we're at war with terrorism, then every country that supports terrorists is on the list. You hit wherever you can be most effective in the overall war, doesn't matter if these particular terrorists were supported by Syria or Iran or whoever.

    4. Oh, and if anyone complains just quote Churchill. "This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put."

      In the same vein, shouldn't that be "tune" instead of "turn" in tagline?

    5. HOLY SHIT! I am the WORST at proofing my own typing. HAHAHAHAHA! Of COURSE it should be tune. What a complete remard.

    6. And yes about the response to aggression. Total. Flat out. Annihilation. Turn them into salt.

      We didn't end WWII by being polite or hoping to bring them to diplomatic talks. We smacked the living crap out of them until they cried, "Uncle."

      If you're going to go to war, then the ONLY moral thing is to make it massive and therefore brief. Done. Anything else just empowers the bad guys. Eventually they begin to look like victims, they can whine for concessions, regroup and attack again. And after awhile, they look invincible because they have hung on, knowing that that is all they have to do. And it makes for pretty profits and an requires a MUCH bigger state. All bad.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Buttercup. It's hard not to be inspired when reading Daniel Greenfield.

    I'd say more, but I really am trying to avoid politics for Lent. Having momentary lapses, it's so hard to avoid it all, but it sure is good for me!