Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Virtual President on Gun Rights

Virtual President Bill Whittle lectures Congress on its responsibilities to the Constitution and, specifically, the 2nd Amendment. Listening to his very rational, informed and historically accurate arguments, one is shattered by how surreal it is to hear someone speaking the truth from the pulpit of power in this country. Listening, we know instinctively that we will never hear a politician, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, say these things ever again in our country.

At least we can pretend, as long as we still have the 1st Amendment.


  1. That was good. The chances of ever hearing something so honest and hard hitting from a President do seem pretty damn remote. Instead we get all the fairy castles they want to build in the cotton candy clouds of tomorrow.

    Cutting the horns off the gazelle makes it easier for the predators and a lot of politicians want to do just that. So you could reasonably conclude that those politicians are actually predators.

    This Virtual President idea seems like a potentially powerful idea. Some of those crowd reaction shots were brilliant. I think he's supposed to be coming out with another couple of segments for the virtual state of the union though I don't know when or what they're going to be on. They'd be more effective if the lag time wasn't so long. Hopefully they'll get simpler/faster to produce now that he's done with the inaugural address and once he gets past the SOTU.

    1. Bill is brilliant and he needs to be a national spokesman in a way that would allow people to actually get behind him, if not to be a candidate himself, then to create a political movement that could support candidates.

    2. On the last Stratosphere Lounge he said he's got something big in the works he couldn't talk about just yet. I'd guess not a candidacy but maybe something that'll get him some greater exposure. Fingers crossed.

    3. That would be terrific. Bill needs to be the figurehead, not just "one of many". He's got an important message that needs to be heard and repeated and repeated and repeated!