Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trey's New Prey

Trey Gowdy, undefeated prosecutor, shows the MSM what a pair looks like.


Who knew when The Honorable Mr. Gowdy began investigating Benghazi that he would turn his headlights on the idiots in the crowd? I'm certain the press never believed for a moment that anyone would ever hold THEM accountable for NOT DOING THEIR JOB. The press, those unbiased, fact-chasing watchdogs who were SUPPOSED to have been uncovering SOME of the massive, illegal, corrupt, butt-covering craziness in the Obama White House.

If the Benghazi investigation takes down the White House press corps along with the White House, that will make my day week month fucking lifetime!

Or is it corpse? White House press corpse? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Either way, they're dead.

HT: Political Ears

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