Saturday, May 17, 2014

California Chrome Shines Again!

California Chrome has won the 2nd leg in the Triple Crown, beating back a strong finish by Ride on Curlin to win the Preakness!

It's on to the Belmont, folks.

Maybe we'll finally see another Triple Crown.

California Chrome

This is a great horse with a great story.

The mare of this colt was purchased for $8,000 and everyone said you had to be a dumb ass to buy her. Not only did they buy her, they bred her, and California Chrome was the result. Named for his four white socks because chrome is horseman slang for sparkly bright white on a horse, California Chrome didn't win a single race until they put jockey Victor Espinoza up. The horse must like Espinoza -- a lot -- because he has been undefeated since.

But the best part of the story is that the owners formed a partnership and call themselves DAP, Dumb Ass Partners, because of all the ribbing they took for buying a piece of shit mare that no one wanted and breeding her. Even their silks, purple and green, have the image of a stupid donkey, complete with two bucked teeth.


I am so hoping they have the last laugh!!!


  1. I think it's most notable that California Chrome didn't excel, until he bonded with Espinoza. That's something about horses many don't understand, but should.

    1. Yup. It's not like a tennis racket or a baseball. They're living, feeling sentient beings and they actually do like or dislike certain people. Just like you can watch them in herds, where some horses will get along and others won't. It's that indefinable quality of the horse's personality that makes equestrian sports so interesting to me. A great rider in any horse sport must be able to communicate his affection and admiration to his horse.