Thursday, May 1, 2014

I want both.

Actually, the way I see it, NOTHING in life is free, certainly not the best things. They are the most expensive because they demand payment not in money but in personal behavior...often sacrifice. The best things are love, commitment, loyalty, respect (OOPS! rspect...sorry!), kindness..and the list goes on. All these "things" require that you make an effort. That is very expensive.

But spending bucket loads of money on me doesn't hurt either, and it always makes me very, very agreeable.


  1. They're expensive, but you can get a pretty good return on them. Rarely buckets of cash though, which would be nice.

  2. My first thought on seeing that photo was that of the two, the one
    on left would be the most expensive. And it is my understanding
    that horses ain't cheap!

    1. The one on the right would also be easier to train and more cooperative.

    2. And I'm SO going to pay for that, aren't I, Buttercup?

  3. Ogrrre

    I would say you're jumping around in a minefield in bare feet there, mate.


  4. NAAAAAAH....y'all are okay. Because you're right! The horse is considerably less the long run. And quite likely a damned sight easier to get along with.