Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Racist jokes are racist.

This joke is as inexcusably racist as they come. And I should be ashamed of myself for posting it. (....sad face....)

I am so exquisitely aware of my offensive and utterly despicable racism that I am able to understand the undertones and nuances and insinuations and unspoken assumptions that swirl around me all day like a bowl of gooey, lovely melted cheese with just a hint of jalapeno, roasted of course, peeking out, alongside a big bowl of warm chips. YUM!

But I am utterly unable to overcome my inherent, white privilege based racism.

Where's my margarita?

I have to give the nod to Rachel Lucas for finding this rare gem of blatant racism and exposing it. This is exactly the kind of subtle messaging that our public educators are right now being taught to recognize at Very Important Conferences.

But you can't see it, no doubt. You simply think this is hysterical. You are probably still laughing.

You are a horrible person.

Let me decipher the underlying racism for you white privileged 'tards.

  1. The "people" in this little gem of a video are symbolized as tortilla chips. Dehumanizing. Straight up.
  2. They are playing with a red ball. RED. Mexicans like bright, primary colors. Everyone knows that. Just go to any Mexican restaurant. Red everywhere. 'Nuff said.
  3. One chip uses a knife. All of us "white privileged" racists KNOW Mexican kids carry knives. 
  4. Do I even need to mention that the entire joke is about their language? I think not. 
  5. When one chip is stabbed, he bleeds nacho cheese sauce. See #1.
  6. This stabbing was over an issue of "fairness", which we all know is at the very heart of racism. White privileged 'tards are never fair, onacounta we are privileged. We crash through our lives wrecking everyone else's good time by being so privileged that we don't realize or don't care that all the good things in life are simply handed to us (after they are denied to others) because of our privilege.  
  7. Privilege means the game is rigged and the only way to make it fair is to let the privileged politicians shove everyone around so that no one anywhere ever feels that someone else is getting a better deal than their crappy deal.
  8. Oh...and there's nothing you can do about it. Racism is a lifetime prison sentence. All you can do is become a victim if you're lucky enough to be a member of an oppressed class. If you're one of the hateful white privileged racists, you are going to get it -- good and hard -- and there will never be a time when you've made sufficient restitution for your repugnant racism. Never. As long as you have white skin, you're guilty and you're bad and you're a hater filled with hatred.
So stop laughing, you racist. You should not be laughing. No....! Don't watch it again!

Oh for crap's sake!


  1. Forgive me for I have 'sinned'. I laughed my ass off, and worse I'm not even ashamed. Put me in the stocks and throw rotten fruit at me!

  2. We're going to have to send you to reeducation camp.

  3. Save me a spot in the reeducation camp next to the kitchens, willya?

    1. Kitchens have ovens.......I'd stay away from there.