Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm Hoping SMOD will get here in time.

We only have 496 days left before the end of the world due to massive climate chaos, which, I presume is far, far, far worse than climate disruption, which is far, far worse than climate change, which is far worse than global warming which actually sounded kinda nice. I was all for having long, lovely summers and short mild winters. But now that we are only days away from utter destruction anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed the Sweet Meteor of Death gets here before everything hits the fan to just end it all in a fiery blaze of glory. More dramatic, which is more my style.

And it would be a big FU from God about the predictions of idiots.

Countdown to ‘Chaos’: Diplomat Predicts How Many Days We Have Left Before Climate Disaster


Oh....wait....maybe not.


  1. They should immediately a 40 acres and a Yeti program in Antarctica to relocate the survivors. In fact, they should go ahead and relocate all the government officials and departments now so it'll all be properly administered and regulated when they start arriving.

    1. Absolutely vital. We wouldn't want any people left behind without the proper care and guidance of our betters. We might not remember how to pick our own noses. You never know...with the trauma and all.

  2. In the field of Macro-economics, Milton Friedman once said of John Kenneth Galbraith, "He has predicted 12 of the last 3 recessions." The global warming, cooling, warming, not warming, climate change, climate disruption doomsayers have an even worse record than Galbraith. Yet the KosKids and HuffnPuffers will not hear any facts that do not go along with their "we're all doomed, DOOOOOMED, I tell you" hysteria.

    1. But DOOOOOOOM gathers to it so much more power and money.

      You can't convince people to surrender their lives and fortunes unless you scare the shit out of them.

      And the truth isn't scary.