Friday, May 16, 2014

Irony my shirt, woman! UPDATED YET AGAIN! Just for fun...

It has been a long day and I am rather tired, and, quite frankly, I've gotten out of the rhythm of posting a lot at all, but this "blog post gone viral" deserves at least a quick mention if only to share with my tiny band of fellow travelers the irony of a woman blogger melting down on her blog over a guest post by another woman written about how bitchy and emotional other women are, all the while maintaining the unassailable conviction that there are no discernible differences between men and women because SCIENCE! proves it

The hot irony. It burns.  (Yeah? So iron my damn shirts, woman!)

The hijinks begin immediately upon a visit to the blog's main page where Clarissa, the owner of the blog, is bitching about how she never has any of her posts go viral and that it is always some other woman's post that gets all the attention.


Miss Clarissa whines:

Life is unfair, my friends. I have written a multitude of posts, thousands of comments, discussed, talked, offered support and advice, distributed insults, raged, pontificated, preached, linked, reviewed, photographed, formed lasting human connections, antagonized, etc.

Yet the only two times I ever managed to go viral was with the posts that were not even written by me. The first time was with the tree test post and today I have gone viral again with the Entrepreneur’s post on female employees.

It’s time to face it, I will never be able to make myself relevant to the mainstream with anything I manage to produce on my own.
(Emphasis lovingly added by moi.)

Clarissa's post about being passed over again and again, despite her indefatigable and notably superior efforts at spreading her matchless wisdom, would be outrageously funny theater on its own, if only for the seriousness of her existential crisis willingly shared with all of us strangers who simply could not give less of a shit, but her behavior becomes circus theater as she stamps her little figurative feet and has a complete editorial hissy fit over the attention given her guest's post and the numerous comments agreeing with the premise of the popular post. And she doesn't like it. Not one bit. 

WARNING: People in the past 2 hours I have had to Spam 63 comments from losers who tried to inform me that “men and women are psychologically / emotionally, etc. different.” Once again, anybody who embarrasses him or herself by chirping idiotically “yes, men and women are different” will be banned outright. This will be my small investment into sparing these losers further public embarrassment. Stop wasting your time, such comments are not going through on my blog. (Emphasis and underlining and whiny-ass temper tantrum belong entirely to the blog author, Miss Clarissa. I didn't have to do anything to make this funnier.)

So we are supposed to be convinced -- and if not convinced, summarily banned -- that SCIENCE! has proven men and women are essentially the same. And we are to be so convinced by the lovely Miss Clarissa as she melts down all over the page in the most deliciously bitchy stereotypical hissy fit I've witnessed in ages.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm convinced. Handled it just like a man.

The viral blog post that sparked Miss Clarissa's gender-neutral tirade, entitled, "I Don't Want to Hire Women," is a detailed account of just how very, very different women are from men. The guest author, who unfairly stole all of Miss Clarissa's richly deserved attention, notes that these differences are displayed in excessive demands for emotional attention and constant reinforcement, easily bruised feelings, distressingly sensitive reactions to the often harsh reality encountered in business, back-biting and gossip, and the seemingly superficial commitment to one's own career. 

The entire blog post is about how women and men are different. The. entire. fucking. thing.

However, if a commenter makes the grave mistake of assuming that a blog post on the differences between men and women actually invites commentary on the differences between men and women, why he or she will be banned, as per Miss Clarissa, to prevent him or her from "public embarrassment." 

Well, this is certainly handling the situation just like any man. 

Completely gender-neutral. 

And intellectually honest, besides.

Of course, the comments, those that have been allowed, remarkably all question the author's motives, skills at hiring and management of people, ulterior motives, ideology, etc.

One commenter raises some insightful, and allowed, questions:
I’m not sure if the original author will be around to answer questions but I’ve got a few:

1. How sure are you that these situations are not the result of your own attitude? Maybe you are prejudice against women and look for proof that they are not good enough in situations where you let men employees slide?

2. Have you tried talking to these female employees to see what their response is?

3. How would it make you feel if you were refused a shot at employment because the employer disliked women?
You can peruse them, but frankly, they all run along these lines.

Honestly, sometimes I am ashamed of my own gender. When I'm not laughing.


  1. That comment was hilarious. Did they read the post at all?

    I read a half dozen or so posts over there and she's not likely to go viral. It's like walking into the middle of a movie and not knowing what the hell's going on. If I'd been reading it for a year or if I wanted to click through to all the links I'd probably know what her point is. As it is I just get the impression of the grey goo of a fairly generic academic/leftist/feminist.

    1. Of course she's not, RG. She's a self-involved, hysterical, over-educated, angry feminist who displays all the worst traits of the female without the grace and softness of a woman who actually LIKES being a woman. There's nothing uglier than a woman who hates being a woman. And there's no fixing it.

      One of the biggest problems in America today is that for the last several decades our public educational system has PUSHED for everyone to get a college degree. This has resulted in 1. Dumbing down our universities so that everyone CAN get a degree, and 2. FAR too many people have gotten degrees in useless areas that only serve to make them feel smart. There is a HUGE difference between being educated and being intelligent. There are a lot of really stupid people who are highly educated in this country.

    2. Yep. That seems to be the purpose of the various "Studies" degrees. I don't think all this federal money has done the sciences any good either. From the reports of all the experiments that can't be replicated it sure seems that a lot of poor quality journals have sprung up to service the "publish or perish" needs of a lot of second and third rate scientists.

  2. First, in most cases nobody could predict what will "Go viral." Second,
    maybe she is not a good writer or her subject matter is boring. Third,
    how may people are interested feminist lesbian rants?

    My guess is that the photo is from the Augusta flap. What is the difference
    between a feminist and a cow? 10 pounds and flannel shirt!

    1. Well the "all PIV is rape" feminist went viral not too long ago. At least as viral as this one did anyway. Granted it's because she's a total loon and everybody wanted to say "OMG this woman is insane". So crazy it's hard not think it must be a parody but I'm not swimming around in that sewer long enough to decide for sure.

    2. RG, I remember that! It wasn't long ago. I first heard about it on Armstrong and Getty, a Sacramento radio show and I couldn't believe what they were saying so I checked it out. The depths of malevolent insanity were frightening. All kidding aside, it's horrifying to look into the mind of someone so twisted and filled with rage. WOW!

      Clarissa isn't as bad...but she's on the same boat.

    3. HAHAA! Leonard, THAT'S funny!

      And the photo is from the Augusta flap. I stole it to make the point.

  3. Holy sweet mother of G-d. Why, why why did you post a link of that vacuous silliness without the proper accompanying warning "DANGER! DANGER! FATUOUS MORON ALERT! " just ate my breakfast, dammit.

    1. (Trigger Warning! the following link contains extreme radfem moonbattery. May cause, nausea, despair, high blood pressure or uncontrollable eye-rolling, do not click while driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how this link may affect you.) Link


    2. Women are frankly going nuts. But it's the only destination at the end of feminist liberation. Liberation from what....exactly? Your ovaries? And so that you can be free to do what? Not be a woman?

      It's all completely effing nuts.

  4. I'm off to church, so I'll have to look for it later, but I've run into this idiot before, for posting something at least as stupid. She makes one ashamed to admit to being of the same species, never mind sex.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Yes! Stupidity like this makes one question one's membership in the entire species!

  5. Ye gods, I think I just dropped several IQ points from reading that drivel!

  6. Believe it or not the concept that all sex is rape is about decade old.
    A radical lesbian feminist named Catherine MacKinnon was the
    original author of the quote that all sex, even consensual sex was
    rape. So, the Blogger in question is just plagiarizing the works of
    another, and complaining bitterly that nobody is reading her crap.

    If you really want to know why women are attracted to other women
    instead of men, here is a conservative classic on Youtube:

    1. Yeah..the idea has been around a while...insanity has been with us since the beginning. It's just that now the insanity is taught in Women's Studies.

  7. For me, it was the profile photo that says it all. I know you aren't supposed to judge a woman by her looks....but I'm a guy and that's what I do.

    I mean, it's almost like it's MEANT to be a joke. Like, if I was going to do a feminist spoof site, I'd dig up a photo like that in order to conform to every possible stereotype about the frumpy angry feminist who refuses to play by societies "norms" of feminine beauty by conspicously and premeditatively turning oneself into a life-sized troll doll.


    1. The profile picture is priceless. Absolutely NO self-awareness at being an undeniable stereotype. WOW! What does it take to be so completely unconscious?

  8. My ex and I went to counseling many many years ago. The counselor, chosen by my ex, was as lesbo as lesbos get. She actually said things like "Men have no business controlling ay aspect of a marriage" and "Intercourse is an always unwelcome invasion of a woman's body". This was in 86.

    She felt as if she could use her lesbo jedi mind control on me, but I was immune, not being a retard. One day we arrioved for our weekly session and she was not there, but left a note which only said "Get a divorce"

    Later that week we found that she'd hung herself from a cold water pipe in the basement of her condo.

    Anytime someone suggests that I need to seek some kind of counseling I always say- quite truthfully- that it was lethal to the last person who tried THAT.

  9. I wonder if the silly b**ch blogess is one of the HuffnPuffers who are agitating for female employees to have paid menstrual leave? And, then, they want to claim there is no difference between men and women. Makes you want to smack 'em with a clue-by-four.

    1. Ogrrre, you nailed it. The more they act out the WORST behaviors of women, the more they demand that there IS NO DIFFERENCE!

      I could just puke.

    2. You remind me of a former co-worker.
      A phony of "n"th degree, gossiper, back-biter, maker of behind-the-scenes alliances, self-praising maker of show (instead of doing the precise 2-hr work that situation demanded she would make a show of working her ass off for 5 hrs, 3 of them overtime and unnecessary, and then try to shame others who worked less hrs).
      That same woman constantly complained at office meetings that another manager gets undeserved praise just because he is a man.

      [do you guess my reaction when I was assigned to work with her on a project?]

    3. HA! Honestly, women are difficult for me. When you run into a good one, there's no one better on the planet as a friend, coworker, confidant, etc. (IMHO)...and when you run into a bad one, there's no one more hideous. Men, bless their hearts, are pretty easy to handle. Even when they are not nice, they are manageable -- usually. Women can make anyone's life a living hell.