Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You decide.

Two little girls. Two giant voices. Same song. By the way, does every soprano in a talent contest sing "O mio babbino caro"? Just asking. And every SINGLE tenor sings "Nessun dorma" from Puccini's Turandot. Or it certainly seems that way.

So which one is your favorite?

Jackie Evancho, ten years old 

Amira Willighagen, nine years old


  1. Wow, beautiful. That's a tough call. I think I'd give the win to Amira, but just by a hair.

  2. For me, Amira by a long shot. The other lass is no slouch though by any means.

  3. Both amazing, but yeah, I'd have to go with door number 2.

  4. Hmmmmmm....seems I'm outvoted. I thought the first girl, Jackie, had a more powerful voice and better control. But they are both amazing and will undoubtedly have careers in singing, whether they stay with opera or move to some other genre. Just wow.

  5. I have to say - Amira, too.
    Jackie has a lower tembre voice, but her breathing is not as good as Amira's. And she seem to understand the words she's singing - she does it with such feeling...

    1. I would have said the same thing about Amira and her amazing interpretation of the song. She really puts emotion into it. But I think her voice got a teeny tiny bit reedy on some of the high notes...just a little too thin. But she is destined to be great. We'll all be wrangling tickets to the Met or SF Opera to hear her some day.