Friday, November 22, 2013

Ride'em like an eventer!

Richard Spooner is NOT an eventer, he is a California grand prix rider -  and he is GOOD! When his horse takes off long at a triple combination, Richard does the unthinkable.

He throws away his reins and rides through it like a boss.

Everyone who jumps knows that, no matter WHAT we think we are doing up there, it's the horse who is jumping the fences, and if something goes wrong, it's the horse who is going to take care of it.

Remembering that when 5' 6" fences are rushing up on you is another thing entirely.

When I watch this I am amazed at how instantaneously and effortlessly he just lets go and stays out of the horse's way...and I say that as a rider who used to be teased mercilessly because I was always coming at the biggest combination on the course having dropped either my reins or my stirrups.

But I never did it on purpose.


  1. A good horse is best left alone, when it's working.

    Years ago, I rode a horse that was obviously trained for roping. I had no idea and damn near went over his head when I shifted my weight to the left stirrup, while easing back on the reins.

    In his mind, I was roping a calf , and his job was to stop, keep the rope taught and quietly stand, while I tied the feet.

    1. Yup. A well trained horse will "train" you, if you're not careful. :)

  2. A different world I know nothing about. If you wrote a series of posts it would be so interesting tom read!