Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Only Thing You Will Get Fired For in the Obama Administration

No, it isn't corruption.

And it isn't incompetence.

And it isn't perjury.

And it isn't just breaking the law.

The only thing, it seems, that will get you fired from The O Team is not spewing the party propaganda in support of President Prissy Pants. Say something critical and you're booted off the island.

A couple of days ago, we learned that a Jofi Joseph, an official in the National Security Staff in the White House was dismissed for a series of scathing tweets that were less than laudatory about Big O and his merry band of thieves, and today we learn that an Obamacare telephone operator was canned after speaking with Sean Hannity on his radio program and admitting that not many people cared for Obamacare.

Really? People being fired because they speak the truth. And here I sit waiting for people who LIE to get fired. Oh well....

Color me shocked...which is an obvious, high-pitched dog whistle racist comment because, you know, "color"...helllllooooooo.

I suppose we can all be grateful that we live in a country where you only lose your job for being honest when it displeases Beloved Leader. There ARE countries where you lose your life.

We're not there yet.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mr. Joseph called Valerie a vacuous cipher, he better look after himself. Man who does that could suddenly turn out to be accident prone.

    1. Yes, indeed. Obama is evil in a childish, narcissistic kind of way where he's mollified when everyone is clapping and adoring him and he doesn't have think hard, but Valerie is evil in a deliberate, bloodless, vengeful ruin-people-who-oppose-her kind of way.

      Not a good way.