Friday, October 4, 2013

When the stupid is stupdendous.

Apparently this is an actual sign taped to an actual printer in an actual military office.

Oh. Good. Lord.


  1. Sheesh. Pettiness. So, umm, how did they print out those notifications? They should have hand written them. No, wait, that would have used up ink in a pen. Can't afford an expense like that in this dire funding emergency. They should have just hired an armed guard to stand outside the storage room 24 hours a day. Got to learn to think outside the box like that if you want to save money.

    They should cancel El Supremo's phone plan on his Blackberry. Seems pretty non-essential to me.

    1. I called the IRS about a tax payment question last week, and a recording informed me that all offices would be closed during the shutdown. The recorded voice DID go on at great lengths to assure me that all my taxes would still be due and all interest and penalties assessed if I fucked up. But no asking anyone about anything...just pay.

      I honestly think this is exactly what Obama wants. Every single budget crisis just makes him and his Federal goons more inaccessible. White House tours were cancelled for the sequestration and haven't been reinstated. This standoff just gives him more power to shut down more and more.....