Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hauntings, Halloween, and Hawaii

My husband and I will be on the island of Kaui for the next week, so we will be spending Halloween in Hawaii. Not very spooky. Last year we were in Maui just before Halloween and one restaurant, the Pineapple Grill, saw fit to provide a little tacky thrill to the diners.

Aloha, you little goblins!
The only thing that would have scared me was if they said they were out of rum!

But this year we will be there on Halloween. SPOOOOOOKY! Okay, I realize that trying to make Hawaii scary is a stretch (may I enter the picture above into evidence, Your Honor?), but I love Halloween and will miss not celebrating it at all this year.

So because I won't be posting for the next week, and won't be celebrating Halloween at all, but WILL be throwing back Mai Tias like a sailor, here's a little video that is guaranteed to put some serious SPOOK in even the most rational, skeptical, cynical, close-minded sober person out there.

Explain this! I dare you.

Now that's some really spooky shit, if you ask me.

More details/speculation/video/flat out crazy stuff here.

Just for the record, I've had more than enough encounters with weird/paranormal/supernational/crazy-ass-WTF stuff in my own life that watching this makes the hair crawl on the back of my neck and gives me a goose-bump chill.Thankfully nothing I've experienced ended in death, though.  But if/when it finally does, I'm hoping for this...

What good is death if you can't get a little joke or two out of it?



  1. That was very strange. I could come up with an explanation but it would involve a lot of "well, maybe x" that wouldn't sound any more probable than the supernatural without a lot of research if at all.

    1. One of these days I'll go all sideshow fortune teller, medium/psychic on you all. I've had some weird stuff happen in my life.

      Funny, too, because I come from a family of doctors, scientists, and all around boring cynics who flatly believe that everything has a rational explanation. But some of the stuff that has happened to me, they just shake their heads and tell me not to talk about it. Don't want folks getting ideas. HAHAHA!