Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am lying to you. Period.

As the massively awesome rollout for the Affordable Healthcare Act proceeds with all the efficiency and amazing technological expertise that can be had for close to a half a billion dollars from the world's best and brightest because government...let us all take a few moments and remember these words promises lies--

 Got that? You likey, you keepy.

You wanty, you gotty.

It's that simple.

Honest. Period.

Except for this.

And this.

Oh...and this.

OOPSIE...there's this.

Oh, shut UP!


  1. He lies so easily. So very easily and repeatedly. It's like he lives in his own reality that barely touches this one. Malignant narcissism, anything that puffs him up or denigrates rivals is true for as long as he needs it to be.

    1. I think many on the left develop an ability to say whatever needs to be said, with great conviction, in order to advance their agenda. When you believe first, that your goal is the highest good (especially for you!), and secondly, that there really is no objective truth (post-modernism), then lying isn't even lying. It's strategy. It's tactics. It's necessary and proper and right.

      Islam is like that, too. They call it Taqiyya. When you believe that your cause is beyond scrutiny -- that you and only your beliefs are right -- whether you're doing God's business or government's, then lying is a good thing.

      Our president is both a leftist and a Muslim (or, at the very least, a strong sympathizer who was raised Muslim). He finds lying virtually as easy as drawing breath.

    2. We need a Constitutional amendment requirement requiring politicians to carry and ring a bell while shouting "Unclean! Unclean!".

  2. The other thing few people seem to be talking about is that all that money that we'll be forced to spend on "insurance" won't be spent on other things: like saving for retirement or the kids' schooling or a down-payment on a house or paying off student loans. Debt will increase while the economy continues to ratchet down. But hey! The intentions were so noble. Blech.

    1. Yep. See the link to the Deninger interview in the post below this one.