Sunday, June 9, 2013

What about the children of Republicans?

When it's about the children -- and it's always about the children for the left -- there is no expense too great, no restriction of freedom too ominous, no increase in governmental power too dangerous. Every story of deprivation or hardship wrung from the trembling lips of some liberal politician would convince us that the entire human race was being brought to its knees because government was not big enough to stop some child's pain.

OH! The humanity!

Of course, we're talking about the right kind of children. When they are the wrong kind of children, children of Republicans or conservatives -- or children who haven't been born just yet -- tough. Federal government employees are eating lobster and drinking champagne in $3,500.00 per night hotel rooms, thank you very much. And you are furloughed and borrowing money for your child's birthday present.

Representative Trey Gowdy attempts to point out the hypocrisy. Of course, hypocrisy is lost on Democrats.

We have a government that has grown monstrous on promises that it could alleviate all our pain, if it were just a little bit bigger, had a little more power, and now it's become the biggest pain in the ass in the neighborhood. Oh...and no receipts, either, on that party, dude. The lords at the IRS needn't answer to anyone, least of all you, Mr. Average Citizen. Just shut up and sit down. We'll get to you eventually. If you're (un)lucky.

Remember when we were supposed to be outraged -- OUTRAGED!! -- because Ann Romney had spent her own money supporting a rider and horse in their quest to make the Olympic team?

Yes, well....Now we learn that the IRS spent tens of thousands on logo swag and line-dancing lessons, but you are only to remember that Ann Romney is a rich, unfeeling white raaaaaaaaacist who chose not to spend her money on children!!! Oh...and Mitt didn't hug his garbage man. Because he does. not. care. There is no other reason. None. I won't point out that I don't know a single Democrat -- not one -- who has ever hugged their garbage man, or taken him out a drink of water, or has even so much as waved at him, because that would be petty. And no liberal Democrat would get my point anyway.

We all know that anyone who supported Romney did so solely out of racism. We all know that anyone anywhere at anytime who has not supported President Peace Prize or has anything to say against President Peace Prize is simply racist. Because Obama has never done a thing wrong in his entire life.

In. His. Entire. Life.


Oh. And neither has anyone in his entire family...just for good measure.

Wrap your heads around that, kittens, and try to reconcile it with a world that is still even marginally sane. I'm betting it can't be done.

Although, to be fair, there is this:

(Steve Stockman is my new favorite person.)

Because this, too:


  1. From what I've heard, it sounds like the IG's report was intended to give up just enough to take the heat off with some minor "fixes" without exposing the underlying rot.

    MSNBC is the violent ward in the media psych hospital.

    1. Yes. You're right, RG. NO ONE -- and I mean NO ONE on BOTH sides of the aisle -- really wants to fix the IRS or the government at large (And I do mean LARGE!)

      It's working beautifully for them. Why fix it? Oh...but if it does need fixing, you can be assured that the fix will require more government.

      How's that?

    2. Sounds about right. There might be a few who want to fix things, but the system is designed to attract the corrupt and to corrupt anybody else before they have enough influence to do it.

  2. Opposition to Obama is solely because of his race? How many conservatives do you know that said, "I could really go for all this commie shit if only that n*gger were white"? None? Then opposition to Il Douche is because of his policies, not his skin color.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Exactly. I've never voted for a Democrat in my life. Now that makes me a racist.

      Okie. Dokie.