Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The dog ate them...all....every single receipt.

Apparently the IRS can't locate any of its receipts.

None of them.


Oopsie. Should we have kept those? Who knew?

Listen, this is perfectly understandable. When you are pissing away millions and millions on trips and luxuries, keeping receipts is so very, very plebeian. Answering for every single cent is for the little people. You know, the people they can harass, punish, fine, arrest and destroy. Whenever they wish.



  1. Oh, lost your receipts? That is a shame. I'm afraid we're going to have to disallow the deduction and require the attendees to pay back the costs. Whatever the costs were. With no receipts we'll have to make an estimate, with the penalties and interest, I'm afraid it's going to be a really astonishingly high estimate. So sorry for the hardship, maybe you can work out a payment plan.

  2. Fun times working for the EPA too. You have to put up with a bit of mold and some rat droppings but you get a free passport in your goodie bag.

    1. OMG! O.M.F.G. (sigh...)

      I guess building man caves is an environmental concern. Keeps the riff raff off the streets.

      I'll bet all they did in there was watch porn.

      Our government is filled to the top with creeps, idiots, bad guys and sociopaths.

      Welcome to the party, pal.

    2. I'm really curious about that "open box of passports". What the hell would the EPA be doing with a box of passports, open or not? If those are real U.S. passports there's something very suspicious going on. It sounds like we may need another investigation of the State Department.

      At this rate we're going to need a wall on the Mexican border just so we have one long enough to stand all the crooks in front of.

  3. And at the same time there is not one live person on IRS phone to tell me what's going on with my, still absent, refund! [Yes, that's about the only thing I want with re: to this stupid useless organization]
    They list their "live line" on the website but when you call and press 1 for English, the choice of "questions and checking status of your refund" changes to "checking status" -and after you dial for them all your personal info and number, an automated voice tells you "there is no record of your refund" - even after 12 weeks after mailing one. And there is no way to get a live operator @ the other end, let alone to get a straight answer.
    I know they have received it because I certify-mailed it simultaneously with State form - and I already got my check from the State 2 weeks ago.

    I guess they are too damn busy jetsetting!