Monday, June 10, 2013

I take a lot of naps.

But now that we know the NSA listens to everything everywhere all the time, I won't feel the same reluctance to speak my mind lest someone learn my dastardly ambition, as a libertarian-leaning conservative, to take over the world and leave you all alone.


In the words of Wile E. Coyote, I'm an EEEEEE-vil GEEEEN-ius.

Are you listening, NSA?

Because if you are, you can kiss my exhausted ass.


  1. Really relating to the card in your post. Just spent 4 days with my a-hole brother and his sweet family in their home. He thinks O-gasm is worse than I do (and that is really saying something) but he told me something this weekend that blew my mind. My brother, tells me he voted for Obama because he wants free healthcare for his kids (2 have CF) . He said we should, "all jump on the system until it breaks". So he knows the evil Obama is ushering in and how it will end life as we know it, and he willful chose free stuff. That is so much worse than some brain washed dumb-ass liberal voting for O, my brother sold his birthright for a mess of porridge. And the kicker is, he lives a very affluent lifestyle. He believes his kids should live very upper middle class (really lower rich) and have free healthcare and his wife doesn't work.

    1. There are so many reasons why people will justify their desire to take from the government that it's hard to keep them all straight. My sister is practically a communist, living, as she does, on the significant inheritance of her husband. It's easy to rail against the need to profit when you live on someone else's profit.

      And it's easy to justify having someone else pay for your children when it might be even a slight financial burden for you.

      We all want our lives to be easier and we rarely care how that is achieved.

      We're doomed, really.

      But I do feel badly for your brother with two children with CF. That's got to be rough. But he would have been better off fighting for a more competitive health care system. His premiums would have been lower and his costs, too.

      But oh well....

    2. You're right, on all counts.

  2. Buttercup, sweetie, when you get to my age, you'll find out thinking about taking a nap will make you tired, whereas actually taking a nap will wear you right out, which will require you immediately take another nap.

    1. I like cats ... they taste like chicken.