Monday, December 10, 2012

Nip Tuck

I'll let everyone else criticize Susan Rice for being a lying sack with naked political ambition and slavish loyalty to the worst president in the history of this country. My observations are considerably less erudite and informed.

I can't help thinking that this....

Susan Rice as a college student.

...didn't just "mature" into this...

Susan Rice as a lying sack UN Ambassador.

I'm seeing some work done. Just my opinion. But this woman has seen "the knife."

I'm not even saying that's a bad thing. Consider Hillary Clinton. The years have not been kind.

Of course, Hillary needs to meet "the scissors" even more than "the knife." Good LORD! woman, who told you that when you hit 65 years of age that growing your hair long is a good idea?


  1. Buttercup: You remind me of why the Apaches turned war prisoners over to the squaws.

  2. I'm sorry, but I don't see a haircut improving the overall look much. She may as well pander all the way. What do you think of a fullblown fro?

    1. Haircut for which lady? Hillary or Susan?

      My call is that Susan Rice had her eyes done and her nose. Not a lot, it was a good job, but her eyes were much heavier lidded in her youth than now, where they are more open, and her nose is slightly more Caucasian in her second picture. Shades of Michael Jackson anyone?

      As for Hillary, just use a paper bag...or a Hefty trash bag and cover the whole thing up.

    2. Oh, I meant Hillary. I wonder if modern politics will beat the old Clinton bag. The truth is, modern US politics is partly a beauty contest and men flat out age better than women. Ladies like Margaret Thatcher are appointed, not elected. The real question in four years will be, can modern make-up make up Hillary Clinton into something better than the Phantom of the Opera or the Mummy?