Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hipster Flintstones

And their cars that ran on feet. You know that's coming...

These guys were prophetic.

H/T: To a very dear and funny friend.


  1. Nope. They weren't celebrating Christmas. The Romans were celebrating Saturnalia, the rebirth of the sun, long before the Church decided to take it over. And the Romans were not the first culture to celebrate the days starting to get longer.

  2. The site is definitely NSFW, but Soylent Green has a photgraph of the christmas tree Obama has in the residence section of the Whitehouse. This should tell you all you need to know about Il Douche, the BlightBringer.

  3. As Ogrrre said; it's the other way around. Christians the world over are just copycats...

    1. Every religion everywhere is, in some way or another, built on top of a previous religion. This is, in part, IMHO, because it is easier to incorporate previous religions than to destroy them...gets you more converts that way. AND (less cynically), if you look at religion as a body of belief/knowledge/experience that reveals "truth", then it is reasonable to assume that every civilization discovered some aspect of this "truth" and so there is some kernel of truth in all religions worth saving and incorporating. Christ built on the Jewish religion. He didn't come here and just throw everything out to start fresh. Historically it's been a stair-step process, with truth being revealed gradually, as we are able to understand it.

      Of course this only makes sense if you even believe there is a "truth" out there to discover. It you're an atheist, this is all bullshit. HAHAHA! And that's okay, too.