Monday, December 3, 2012

Rules are made to be broken, Retard.

 Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl at Sea World

Feeding the dolphins at Sea World was a dream come true for 8-year-old Jillian Thomas, until one of the marine mammals bit into her arm, nearly dragging her into the water.

Jillian's mother took video of her daughter, who says dolphins are her favorite animal, feeding them at the theme park's Dolphin Cove.

Jillian was in the middle of her second visit of the day to the friendly looking animals when she made a crucial mistake, lifting a small plate of dolphin food in the air out of excitement, something the park warns people not to do.

The dolphin, eager for the food, chomped down on Jillian's arm instead, nearly dragging her into the water.

The 8-year-old walked away from the encounter with a set of teeth marks the size of dimes.
So the little girl got away with a tremendous fright and a bitten arm while Mom captured the whole thing on video. I'm sure little Jillian learned very quickly that animals, no matter how cute, are potentially dangerous - at ALL TIMES. But most especially when you have food in your hand. I hope little 8-year-old Jillian also learned she is frighteningly vulnerable to her own mother's stupidity, because Mommy, I'll wager, didn't learn a damn thing.

The real lesson here was for Mommy Dearest who allowed her 8-year-old daughter to feed the dolphins because the park had a rule.

The Thomas family said it has no plans to sue Sea World, however they are urging the park to increase the age limit for children who are allowed to feed the animals.

 It's not their fault, you see. They are "furious". It is the park's fault for having a rule.

Apparently, if we are to follow the Thomas family's logic concerning the details of the incident, the park's rule absolves them of any responsibility for personal decisions in the safety of their own child. There was a rule.

We once were a nation of self-reliant, independent-thinking, somewhat cantankerous troublemakers who didn't trust rules blindly and even fairly routinely questioned authority. And I am referring to the Founding Fathers, not the 60's hippies.

Now we are a nation of rule-following, law-abiding, queue-forming, Honey Boo Boo-watching whiny brats. We need rules to tell us everything. And the more rules we demand, the less responsibility we assume for our own actions.

Of course, it could all be explained by the theory that we have become a nation of complete retards. That's entirely possible, and certainly worth considering, because I have no other explanation for this video.

Just as an aside to the reader, I have no idea what "behind me and fluctuate" means.


  1. Sigh. Rather than admit that they screwed up by not standing next to their girl to make sure she didn't do anything foolish, they want the whole thing banned. Over an injury that's a lot less than a scraped knee. It's not enough that there's a rule, they want to be protected against the possibility of breaking the rule in the first place. They blew an opportunity to teach a lesson. "Pay attention to what you're doing or you can get hurt" turned into "If you get hurt, find somebody to blame."

    The bison thing is a cornucopia of fail. At least the people standing by/behind a tree and saying not to run aren't hopeless. Life's not a cartoon people, wild animals aren't happy little funny shaped people.

    1. I guess my point was there are some rules that you just don't pay attention to because the RULE doesn't automatically make you safe. The parents should have either said, "No, I honestly think you're too young to be in such close proximity with an animal of that size." OR they should have been standing right there next to their children to make SURE nothing went wrong. So now they feel justified in being furious that the park had a rule that allowed their little princess to feed the dolphins, but not that concerned that their little darling broke the rule about lifting up the plate the dolphin knew contained food.

      Which is it? Responsible parents wouldn't get mad at the park for allowing their kid to feed the dolphins. They would be mad at themselves for not paying attention to the overall situation and THEIR OWN DAUGHTER! The rule about allowing children to feed the dolphins did not in any way guarantee that it was a safe thing to do. The rule about lifting the tray was there to help make it safer.

      I get so tired of stupid people believing that nothing should ever be their fault and that they should be constantly and eternally protected from their own stupidity. Who made up that rule? THAT rule needs to be broken into little tiny pieces.

    2. I understood your point, I just find it hard to think in terms of rules granting rights instead of restricting them.

      Instead of "Everything not forbidden is compulsory" it's now "Everything not forbidden is safe". After decades of lawsuits and regulations, with safety labels on anything at all dangerous, people have been trained that way. When you're constantly protected from the need to think about consequences I suppose that ability gets stunted.

  2. After an encounter with the teeth of a "cute" monkey, I can verify that there is no such thing as a tame wild animal. They bite and it hurts. It's madness to place ignorant humans near them and complete insanity to feed them by hand.

    1. Monkeys are extremely dangerous, actually. Stronger than a grown man.

      Even domesticated animals are dangerous. I've been around horses my whole life and I've known people killed by them. You don't even have to be doing anything stupid. The parents of this little girl should realize that there are inherent risks in dealing with large animals. Period. Rules will not protect you from reality.

  3. This is an elitist and rude thing to say but I think most people are, indeed, retarded. As in slow. Or stupid. I've come to that conclusion after 60 years of living.

    Our youngest had shrimp in his hands once when our formerly alive Yellow Lab decided to take it from his hands and chomped down on his little fingers, thinking they were shrimp. No lasting injury,but, you know, DOLPHINS?!?!?!. I tried to sue our dog but no one would take the case...

    1. I'm sure your dog didn't have "deep pockets" anyway. All you were going to get was some kibble.

      And most people ARE retarded. It's the only reasonable explanation.

  4. Yes, MPAI (most people are idiots) - favourite acronym from Vox Day's site. Most people are not lacking in a reasonable amount of intelligence - it's just that they don't think. They've subtly been trained to emote rather than think - by all types of media as well as the re-education gulags known as public skools.

    It's been a deliberate weakening of people's morality, ability to use logic etc. Instead when people make decisions, they make them according to how they feel, and feelings are NOT facts.


      Love MPAI. Using that. I think BMAF might be a new favorite, too. What the HELL does "stand behind me and fluctuate"? even mean?????


  5. Maybe they meant to say "stand behind me and flatulate? :P

    1. I'm certain I would have been flatulating with VIGOR!