Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smartz...I haz it.

Found this interview over at the wonderful blog by David Thompson, and I am dropping it here because I love Thomas Sowell, and because I WAS RIGHT! Or, to be precise, Mr. Sowell agrees with me. And that's even better than being right, because it also means I'm smart! Damn, I'm good.

The entire interview is worth listening to (not just the part where he agrees with me) for his theories on the intersection of wealth creation, geography and isolation. Basically, to sum it up, if you happen to get stuck in a shithole part of the world, like the Eskimos or the Aborigines, you will stay poor, backwards, and stupid. People need to interact to create wealth and to progress culturally.

Good stuff.

I would also interject into his thesis that FREEDOM is absolutely required for the creation of wealth because it ALLOWS people to interact on their own terms. You can't force creative interaction. You can only inhibit it.

Just my two cents, but seeing as how Mr. Sowell and I are BFFs now because we agree on "The Donald," I thought he wouldn't mind if I critiqued him a little...HAHAHA!


  1. He did talk about east European leaders discouraging people from learning German to get ahead. That implies freedom though I'm not sure if that was just social pressure or actual laws.

  2. Yes, indeedie. But I think he should have emphasized that it is FREEDOM, that creates wealth. Whether it's the natural, physical freedom enjoyed by trade routes, access to the sea, etc., or whether it is the freedom demanded by people insisting on being allowed to do as they see fit. It is the idea of freedom, independent action, that creates wealth. ANY restriction on that, whether man-made or environmental, will reduce growth, change, prosperity, the whole enchilada.