Sunday, December 6, 2015

Checking in...instead of checking out.

One of the interesting things about blogging is that when you start and have absolutely NO audience, you have no expectations and no sense of obligation. You can talk crap, make up stupid stuff, ramble, rant and generally carry on all by yourself. Then people find you and it is thrilling! You exchange comments, you are childishly tickled to death that they would take the time from their day to read your shit, and you think of them as friends. But friends that you must perform for. I know that sounds weird, but there always is this underlying obligation that I must write something WORTHY. This is difficult for me as I have never written anything that is WORTHY in my life, and now that I have developed this sense of responsibility to do so, I've become a recluse...waiting for the WORTHY to kick in.

It hasn't.

So, since I miss my internet friends, I'm going to just write to say hello, I miss meeting you all here, and DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THE WORLD IS GOING NUTS???

And by nuts, I don't mean the Islamic shootings in Paris and San Bernardino. That is completely rational on their part, given their beliefs, and only to be expected. The insanity is in the West's utter inability to understand and respond appropriately to the threat we face. People are being butchered, crucified, burned alive, raped, shot, and beheaded in the name of a brutal god, and our political betters rush to the microphones to tell us low grade, bare-foot bigots to just hold onto our reactionary, uneducated hatred and settle down.

Hundreds shot dead in Paris and our Beloved President lectures us FROM PARIS about the San Bernardino shooting, saying that this simply doesn't happen anywhere else. While I love irony as much as anyone, this borders on the creepy. And the primary thing our DOJ is worried about is anti-Muslim backlash. You remember how Muslims were being dragged out into the street and set on fire by the hundreds after 9/11, don't you? It was awful. Wouldn't want THAT to happen again.

Hundreds dead in Paris and Obama tells us from Paris that it never happened. Fourteen dead, and Loretta Lynch is more worried about what has never happened than what has just happened.

The world is going nuts!!

The worst thing is that history shows us that when the world starts going nuts, there is no stopping the plunge. We don't come out of the grand mal seizure until it exhausts itself in its own time and millions are dead. I think we are going to see some Very Bad Things very soon.

But one of the things I know for certain about such insanity -- there is nothing any of us can do about it. Not a damn thing. Given that reality, and the fact that I am sitting here alone, having eaten the last of three teeny little chocolate peppermint candies, I am pissed.

But I have a little Cognac left, so I have the proper libation for pondering.

Why are we so stupid?

We refuse to admit there's a connection between the fact that every time a Muslim becomes MORE religious, innocent people end up dead. When Catholics become more religious, they become Mother Theresa. Major difference.

Why are we so scared?

The main argument against recognizing Islam for what it actually is seems to be that there are so many of them that we can't admit the truth. People look at me and gasp, "But there are over a billion of them!" My answer, "So fucking what? That just means we've got some work to do, and we'd better get started."

Why is the West so willing to commit cultural suicide?

Knowing what we do about Islam, why are we letting in hundreds of thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees? Our leaders are either retarded or dangerously treacherous.

And why is SCIENCE! the god of the liberal until it smacks their precious tolerant ideology around? Then you're a religious bigot for using SCIENCE!

Studies prove it.

I get the feeling this administration just isn't on our side. Or on the side of the Constitution. But Joe Walsh is on our side. And on the side of our Constitution. Go, Joe!

There is just so much craziness, and there simply isn't enough Cognac.


  1. Why are we so stupid?

    Hey, let's give ourselves credit. WE see what's happening just fine, even if there's nothing we can do about it. THEY, on the other hand...

    I know some very decent people who, being so decent, simply cannot wrap their heads around the idea that an entire religion would actually incite its practitioners to murder and mayhem. It is so beyond their experience that they truly believe that Islam means not just "peace," but "peace on earth goodwill toward men," and the bad actors are just crazies in the same way the occasional lone nut American is crazy. Further, having been indoctrinated since childhood into the idea that everyone everywhere is equally good, if they just have equally good things, then they can't think of any reason why anyone who wants to be shouldn't be allowed into this country. Once they get a taste of America, the thinking goes, they'll want to be just like us. Once upon a time, that was generally the case as immigrants were expected to assimilate. But of course, since "all cultures are equally good," we expect no such thing anymore.

    And so instead we are all going to be treated to whatever comes next as the crazy train picks up speed. I'm thinking, with Obama's last year coming up, that things are going to get much worse. The world knows that this pantywaist is only going to be in charge for twelve more months, and whoever comes next might actually care about what happens and try to do something about it. The time to act is now.

    Got an extra glass for that cognac?

    1. where credit is due. I was sorta referring to us as a species. We just never learn.

      I know the same people! They simply can't or won't entertain the thought that a belief can be so anti-truth and it drives its believers quite insane. To me, just as you can drive someone insane through abuse and fear, Islam does it on a cultural level. EVERYBODY gets to go!

      And yes, with only a year left, things are going to get hot quickly.

      But there is ALWAYS enough lovely cognac, and snifters in which to serve it, for friends!!!

  2. Yes, the world has gone completely round the bend, do-lally, and off it's rocker. One day it seemed just a little odd and the next, bam!, full blown schizophrenia.

    Yeah, I think Very Bad Things are coming. Probably to Europe first and then we'll see if Americans wake up or retreat deeper into crazy town. Looks like a toss-up at this point.

    I suspect science is dying out. I can't back that up but I get the feeling that to a lot of people, even scientists, science is a useful tool for politics and manipulating people. Ultimately that attitude will kill it off.

    Speaking of muslims and Catholics, you might listen to this.

    1. Definitely in Europe first. They've had longer to percolate the crazy. And they are mainlining the stuff with their open borders to Islamic refugees. Au revoir! Please save the perfume and the champagne!!!

      I heartily agree that science has been a co-opted wing of the political class, as it always eventually does, because it is necessary to consolidate power. No matter how rudimentary the science of a particular society is, it is always necessary for the rulers to claim that it backs them up. Otherwise the people might just ignore their crazy shit and refuse to cooperate.

      I clicked the link, and I could see from the url that it was supposed to be a podcast, but it didn't render that mp3 file or link there. It's okay...I'm not Catholic. I just play one on TV. HAHAHAHAHA!

    2. GAAAAAA! Sorry for all the typos! It seems only reasonable that I would have taken the time to get it right after my lengthy absence, but in actual fact, I was too excited to be conversing again, and just hit the publish button. Can you understand my jibberish???

    3. Sure, I do computers, I'm good at interpreting gibberish. ;)

      We can do our own champagne and perfume (and Cognac!) if necessary, but I'd hate to lose the artwork in places like the Louvre and British Museum.

      Must be something funky in their system that the link doesn't come up right. I'm not Catholic either but it's an interesting, not especially Catholic related, discussion about Islamic violence. How about a youtube link.

    4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I busted out laughing because I misspelled gibberish in a comment about not checking for typos! OMG! That's hysterical.

      Yes, the artwork, not just in the museums, but in the architecture and statuary of the cities. It would be heartbreaking if all that was lost.

    5. My booze of choice for screening out the crazy has lately been Wild Turkey.

      And yep, the world is most definitely going around the bend at great speed. I seem to be hearing more bizzaro shit by the day.

    6. Morris, what is the drink with Wild Turkey and Peppermint Schnapps floated on top? I had it once as a 20-something. Just about lit my hair on fire.

  3. Don't worry about worthiness. Just blog stream-of-consciousness. Assuming you are actually conscious when at the keyboard. ;-)

    1. Naleta! Seldom do you leave comments so this is a rare pleasure. Honestly, you don't want to see my stream of consciousness. It's a terrifying thing. I try to keep it under wraps, even with the very liberal attitude toward institutionalizing the mental here in California!! HAHAHA!