Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Since I am back and yet have nothing of any real significance to say, I think I will just blab. HAHAHA! Blabbing instead of blogging. I like it. It suits me.

So....What is it with liberals? Have they gotten worse? I realize they've always been a little screwy, but lately, it seems ALL of them are just nasty, combative and presumptuous. Against all orders by Farm Boy to keep my mouth shut and sit on my hands, I have stupidly engaged in several discussions with liberals on our company's Facebook page. I know...I know...I should never have said a thing, despite the utter ridiculousness of their retarded memes scrolling by. But I did.

You will have to believe me, though, when I insist that I was REALLY NICE, and I was SINCERELY TRYING to get along while just suggesting that there might be a larger argument in one thread, or in another discussion, asking them to explain their position, or in the final instance, trying to inject some facts.

Oh. no. you. don't!

No context allowed!! You evil right winger!  No explanation of our beliefs!!! You hateful bigot! AND NO FUCKING FACTS!!! My opinions are all I need to be better than you!

I actually had one woman end a discussion by saying that her flat out declarative sentence -- when proven wholly and completely wrong by moi -- was only an opinion. REALLY? She was pretty fucking sure of herself as she threw around accusations and statements that sounded pretty fucking absolute like she had the benefit of KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH. When it was shown that she had neither of those, suddenly it was all just opinion. Even then, she didn't admit to a thing. Didn't acknowledge the facts. Didn't concede one of her bone-headed positions. By taking refuge in the claim that she was only giving her opinion, she was essentially able to ignore all facts and remain firmly convinced of that which is not so. It was like saying, "You can't prove me wrong because it's what I believe."

Fucking nuts, is what they are.

I know I should not be offended because I should know better. I know I should just stay out of it because I know you can not argue with liberals. They don't argue to get at the truth. They argue to let you know how evil and hateful you are because you disagree with them. This is their default position even IF you are sort of trying to agree with them, at least on some points. No. Way. Will. You. Be. Allowed. To. Be. On. Their. Side. If they catch even a whiff that you aren't 100% on board with all their orthodoxy, they will tear out your throat as quickly as they would a member of the Westboro church.

So, I started to think about what is the main difference between liberals and conservatives. I couldn't narrow it down to just one. I think there are a number of irreconcilable differences in the way we look at life and react to challenges. And many people much smarter than I have written about the differences. But I think there are a few important ones.

1. We care about the inside of a man. They care about the outside. Conservatives are interested in the inside of people. We are concerned with laws and social mores that encourage the making of good people. We support families, self-discipline, restraint - both in personal action and governmental power. Liberals don't give a damn about the inside of man, they assume that everyone is just good and that the only reason they aren't good is that something OUTSIDE them went wrong. Something in society or the environment or whatever...but it is outside. And they also are completely focused on laws and programs that deal with only the outside of a man. They focus on feeding men, not helping them lead good lives.

2. We care about truth. They care about power. This is the main reason why you can't argue with them. They are not even capable of listening with an open mind. The accumulation of power always, eventually finds itself at odds with truth.

3. Liberals are cowards. Life scares them. That's why they want power so badly. They don't like reality. They are scared of it. But if they have enough power, they think they can alter reality, make it "nicer." Their inherent cowardice is why they believe in fairy tales like gun control or that Islam means peace, and it's why they fight battles that carry no threat like global warming.

4. They are horny little bastards. One of the issues that animates them more than anything else is sex. They seem inordinately obsessed with any and all issues surrounding sex...and anything that would demand of them some degree of responsible behavior is THEOCRACY!!!! BIGOT!!! HATEFUL EXTREMIST RIGHT WINGER!!!

So, to sum it up, liberals are scared, horny little liars who only want to be taken care of so they can act like spoiled adolescents their entire lives.

Don't take it from me.


  1. PJ O'Rourke sure had liberals pegged.

    One of the reasons they are louder these days is because they think they now have the upper hand.

    1. HI MORRIS! So good to hear from you, too!

      P.J. always gets it right. The man is bloody brilliant.

      And YOU are right...they believe themselves in the driver's seat and the ugliness that always is a part of leftism is showing its fangs. I'm just surprised at its lockstep similarity across different issues with different people. It's as i they all went to the same "how to argue like a liberal" course. Weird.

  2. I do think they've gotten worse. They booed God at their convention, that would have been unimaginable not too many years ago. At the same time they defend Islam and Muslims against all comers, what kind of mind can reconcile that?

    1 is blank slate thinking. Conservatives believe that you have to recognize human nature and work within it to promote a healthy society. The left thinks there is no such thing and you can remake man as anything you want.

    Ann Barnhardt is supposed to be working on a video about malignant narcissists. I think her contention is that narcissism has become rampant and society is going nuts because narcissists operate by constantly manipulating the people around them through gas lighting. Should be interesting, she's a fire-breather.

    1. I forgot about the Convention. They also wanted Israel taken out of it at some point, if I remember correctly. It was positively creepy watching the whole thing. Yes, they are have blank slate thinking...they think man is basically good until acted upon but external circumstances. The noble savage bullshit. I think this leaves you cowardly because it removes you from the position of control and self-determination, which is a scary place to be.

      I adore Ann. She's got brass balls, that lady!