Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Is Wrong With You?

Just got my latte before boarding the plane and the woman in front of me ordered -- I kid you not -- a soy milk, mocha, half caf, with caramel, light whip. 

What the hell is wrong with people? 


  1. Beats me. I just drink coffee, cream & sugar preferred (substitutes technically), black when that's too much trouble.

  2. What's wrong? Too many choices. It all started with crunchy peanut butter and been downhill ever since.

  3. Coffee comes in only one flavor, coffee! Some of these liberal dorks
    are as pretentious as wine snobs when they set foot in a Starbucks.
    Arco stations coffee was good the the last time I tried it and my favorite
    is Farmer Brothers. Plain coffee without mocha, foam, Hazel nut,
    caramel, vanilla or anything else. Just plain Joe with cream and sugar
    if you like. Our soldiers in WWII were not sipping gourmet on Iwo Jima.

  4. I have gotten some looks in coffee shops when I order a 12oz. black.

  5. Well, that's what I say about people who drink lattes or add cream and sugar. They're out of control.

  6. It took me years to learn to drink lattes. I was always black only, but then I started with the cappuccinos while living in New York and Boston and being able to visit little Italian cafes where it was the real deal. I slowly worked up to the fast food chain lattes because...I don't know. Just because.

    But if I EVER order a peppermint mocha half caff low fat bullshit cup of candy, someone just shoot me!