Friday, October 24, 2014

Explaining the Second Amendment

The erudite way, from Bill Whittle.

And the pithy, and rather more acerbic way, from Penn and Teller. Well, mostly Penn...


  1. It's beyond me how anybody can read that and seriously think they didn't intend an individual right to arms.

    Here's the full version of the Gun Control episode of Bullshit, if anybody's interested.

    1. Love Penn and Teller.

      I don't think even they believe their bullshit. It's just necessary to remove the guns from the hands of the "little people."

      The ridiculousness of it is only magnified when one takes the 2nd Amendment in the context of history...not just the time it was written, but the 200+ years since. Volumes have been written by Very Smart Men who read it to mean exactly what it says. "...shall not be infringed".

    2. The liberals/leftists/Marxists (redundant I know) don't care about what it plainly says. These people are experts in delusional thinking. Guns = scary do guns must be controlled. Gun control certainly didn't do us any good here in Australia - the crime rate increased.

    3. Morris, I would argue that while yes, they PRESENT the idea as "guns=scary", what they KNOW is that guns=independence. Every state in the history of mankind has disarmed its citizens once it grew to a size where its corruption and privilege was an obvious problems. Don't want the peons causing a fuss over $1.4 billion a year to keep our Golf Cart King happy.

    4. WERE obvious problems. GOD! I wish I would proof stuff. But then...why start now?

    5. Yeah, I'm aware the PTB know know *exactly* what they're doing. I should have been clearer. I was referring more to the idiocracy.