Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vrooom vrooooom, Maktoum.

Landed in Louisvillle and the sheik's 747 was at the airport.  Farm Boy had to point it out because I get let out of my pumpkin so infrequently that I had no idea the big unmarked jet was owned by UAE royalty.

Besides, I would have thought that he would be out at the Breeders Cup. Maybe he has two planes. 


  1. The only way to fly. Did you see a bird leaning back on a pillow on the tail with a cocktail and cigarette?

  2. Turns out there was a HUGE sale at Fasig Tipton in Lexington on Monday, November 3, so he might have had his plane there if he intended to buy any stock. Farm Boy and I were at the Fasig Tipton sale yard on Monday and saw the horses, but had to leave for our flight before the sale actually started. I did, however, pick out a fancy little filly -- just by sight seeing her walked around -- which later sold for $2,500,000. Farm Boy does NOT LIKE allowing me too close to the horses. I have an expensive eye.