Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Entertainment

We went to a horse show over the weekend, and apparently, I am behind the trend yet again. It seems that a new level of competitive stick-to-it-tive-ness has sprung up among the event crowd, and it involved the rather novel idea of tacking up (or, more precisely, tacking up again) while riding.

At the recent American Eventing Championships in Texas, a rider had a wardrobe malfunction.

But eventers are "never say die" types, so she simply put the hackamore back on and continued with her course.

Now, it seems, what might have remained a singular oddity has become a trend. At the show this weekend we saw another rider accept the challenge of tacking up while riding. She managed to pull it off (so to speak) rather nicely.


  1. That first horse belongs in the circus. The second rider, I gotta tell you, I cannot imagine how she was not screaming in pain after being run so far up the withers. Of course I have more in that region to damage, but it still has to hurt.

    1. I spoke with Gina the next day and she was laughing over the whole thing. Didn't hurt at all. But she caught crap from people who were already posting about how AWFUL she was to continue riding. OMG! People are idiots. Her horse wasn't hurt at all. Sound as a dollar.

    2. People are idiots. She would have known if he had injured him(?)self before she had finished getting the bridle back together. She was just lucky that he didn't roll over further.

    3. Exactly. And the idea that just having his hind legs slip out from under him is some kind of horrifying injury is ridiculous. But people on the internet are always eager to jump in with unsolicited opinions about stuff they know nothing about. Somehow, anonymity gives them insight.