Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hillary Clinton, our next Emperor.

Over at Weasel Zippers, they feature a story about how nasty and arrogant and vicious and demanding and just plain unlikeable our darling "Hard Choices" star, Hillary Clinton is to those who protect and serve her. 

It's actually a punishment to have to work on her detail. As in, "Benner, you really fucked up this time getting caught watching porn all day. You've been assigned to Ms. Clinton."

And that, my friends, would convince any man that porn just isn't worth it.

‘Agents say being on Hillary Clinton’s detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service. Being assigned to her detail is a form of punishment.’

And her nasty attitude goes all the way back to early days at the White House when Hillary and President Bill Clinton stepped out of Marine One helicopter and crossed the lawn holding hands.

But that was all for show. Once they were out of the public eye, it was a scream fest between the couple.

In response to a cheerful ‘Good morning, ma’am’, by a former uniformed officer, Hillary’s response to him was ‘Fuck off’.

Here's the ever charming Hillary greeting her Secret Service detail.

So now you know who Hillary REALLY is. No wonder there has been such a push to normalize transgenders. Our next president could be a tranny. And not a smokin' hot, sane one, either!


  1. Hillary, Warren & Biden are the Democrat contenders for the throne aren't they? Ugh. I think I'd have to go with Biden. He's a dufus but probably the least destructive of the three. Assuming there's anything of value left to destroy by 2016.

  2. Pleasepleasepleaseplease let it be Biden!

  3. Talk about a Sophie's choice!

    1. Damned if you do; damned if you don't. And it doesn't get any better when you look at the Republicans' potential candidates.

    2. Buttercup, I think in the two party system it's become a shell game - two sides of the same coin. I'm cynical enough to believe it's just set up now so people think they're making a difference.

      It's no different here in Australia.

    3. That's exactly what I thought earlier today. On twitter some GOP shill was complaining about people who thought it was establishment vs conservatives being the problem. This is how I read it though: "Roll up, roll up, roll up. Find the pea. 10'll get you 20. Can't win if you don't play". Yeah, whatever. I'm tired of being the rube in this game.

  4. You're saying it as if it's already decided...until the battle is fought nothing is inevitable. In very least, I'll go kicking and screaming into that night

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