Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's me again.

Again I have gone missing for far too long and am now depressed to discover that apparently the internet needs me like teats on a boar hog. So rather than take the obvious as some kind of legitimate feedback, I'm popping in for a moment to cause all of you to remember why you should be missing me more.

Farm Boy is traveling yet again and I have been working diligently on advertising and graphic design, watching the farm and taking care of All The Living Things. Luckily this harsh duty includes copious amounts of wine each afternoon on the porch and the snuggling attention of a little Cavalier. What is not necessarily a part of the job description is bathing. I am sitting here realizing as I write that Cyber the precious Cav has abandoned me and the sofa for the floor as I haven't showered since hubby left two days ago. Dear me. Perhaps it was the bales of hay I moved into the barn yesterday, or the field I cleaned of several days' manure, or the 25 minute High Intensity Interval Training video I skipped and jumped around to today...but I have the faint odor of an infantry man after a 10 mile hike during an Iraq summer.

Heh! I'm conserving a valuable resource! You're welcome.


"Never lose your cool. Or your head." "HAHAHA! Good one!"
Is it just me, or does it seem completely insane that ISIS is swashbuckling its way across the Middle East, dissecting people like they were all 10th grade science projects and gleefully posting the gruesome acts on YouTube with threats that it's a show coming our way soon...and our Beloved Boy-King has his scintillating brilliance trained like a marksman on the danger posed by domestic terrorists? Doesn't that seem...well...a little off the mark?

Of course, whatever he's truly concerned about, it never interferes with his golf game. This apparent lack of even a smidgen of concern for beheadings, dismemberments, genocide, and dangerous American citizens does not in any way point to a callousness and narcissistic superficiality---YOU RAAAAAAACIST!--but instead, clearly shows that ice runs in the man's veins. Lincoln-esque ice. Determined. Resolute. Focused. Unflappable. Indefatigable ICE. The man is downright spooky how coolly unemotional he is about the horrors being wrought on innocents in the "new Iraq." You know, the Iraq that he got us out of with his keen political maneuvering and seriously adept diplomatic skills.

Except -- SUDDENLY -- it seems...he didn't.

 "Did I say I did that?"
Yes, Buckwheat, you did. Over and over and over and over.

So I stink, the president stinks, and the whole administration stinks to high heaven.

I, at least, only need a bath. These characters need orange suits and brand new itty bitty living spaces.

To end on a lighter is a video made by the California State Officer Team. Baby daughter is one of the officers. She's the one getting her beauty sleep. It's pretty good...said by a doting, proud momma.


  1. I was trying to convince my dog that if she'd just read your blog or watch the Princess Bride she could your scent and track you down. She just kept looking at me like I was crazy. And they say dogs are loyal. Hah.

    The big 0 is having a little trouble pretending he cares about anything related to his actual job for more than a few minutes. I wonder who's actually running the show, ValJar alone or a cabal of his advisors I'd guess. I think he just signs off on whatever they decide.

  2. Obama is surrounded by political sharks. When the feeding time arrives, he'll find he's the main course.

  3. I just can't quit you.


    RG, I honestly think Obama has never cared about anything other than Obama. He has just reached the point where he doesn't even bother pretending anymore. And yes, ValJar (which sounds like Jar Jar Binks!) is running things, along with a number of very powerful men who are driving us all toward a great new world of global governance.

    And Jess, I hope you're right. I SOOOOOOO hope you're right. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hooooooope!

    1. Maureen Dowd wrote a nasty, satirical article about the Obamaspock in the New York Times. That's like the pope writing a nasty column about Jesus.

    2. That's like the pope writing a nasty column about Jesus.

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! Burn her at the stake! HERESY!