Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is long and depressing as hell, but a "must listen".


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Damn. I knew I couldn't keep my good mood going for very long.


  1. He's wrong on the FY 2015, that begins this October not next October. I can't believe there's any legitimate reason border patrol should have to be rationing ammo until then though.

    From a health standpoint, unless you're intention is to get people killed, sending these people all over the country is a really stupid idea. Local doctors are unlikely to recognize any tropical diseases or diseases that have been wiped out here for decades until they've already got a crisis on their hands. Then you've got stuff like drug resistant TB. I don't know if this is just gross stupidity or the tyrannical evil the left loves so much leading the stupid.

    200 million dead in the US is unlikely with ebola since it doesn't spread airborne. Otherwise there'd be thousands or tens of thousands dead in Africa instead of hundreds. If you were a terrorist who wanted to create a major outbreak of ebola in the US, I don't imagine it would be too hard. Send some infected suicide bombers over the border and have them blow up in a large gathering of people. Timing might be tricky so they're infectious but don't die before they're in position but it's probably doable.

    1. "your intention" and probably some others, damnit. Why do I never see these things until I've hit "Publish"?

    2. I think it's a plan of simply overwhelming all resources and systems. No one thing has to work spectacularly or even particularly well. When it's all taken together, it's deadly and people will start to resist -- and then BLAM! the government can step in with martial law or massive propaganda against any who don't like's going in the shitcan and there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

  2. I don't know how ebola is spread. Bodily fluids, I think, which could mean coughing all over someone...I always thought the reason it never spread throughout heavily populated areas was because it killed so fast that it was self-limiting. What I was told is that it comes out of the deepest parts of the jungle, where there aren't a lot of roads or access to large populations and the poor dude who ever gets it can often barely stagger back to his village where he promptly kills everyone by infecting them...and it's all over. One little village in the middle of nowhere. But's erupting in cities. This is new. Or at least that's what I've heard. I don't know shit.

  3. That's pretty much my understanding. I don't think it spreads as easily by coughing though, at least not until you start coughing up blood. More from blood, vomit and diarrhea. Otherwise I think it would spread through a population more like the flu. What I've heard in the past is that it spreads in villages due to people caring for the sick and cleaning the bodies for burial. If you come in contact with any of those body fluids you're screwed because they're so highly infectious. I'd think that the healthcare workers tend to get it eventually, despite protective measures, because they're dealing with that stuff constantly for an extended period of time. Sooner or later they get tired and make a mistake.